• Led

    Lamps and LED solutions for all needs and installation requirements. Guaranteed savings in time thanks to the low power and long service life of each of our solutions.

    Our LEDs are purchased directly by users connecting from Italy. For those who connect from other countries, you can contact us to request a quote.

  • Heating

    Electric heating Radialight and Aurora, made in Italy. Dual therm, convection and/or radiation. electrical panels energy saving, high performance. Various accessories for traditional heating.

    We ship to Italy, Europe and several countries of the World

  • Anti Intrusion

    Intruder Alarms for individuals or businesses. Fog machines, wired-mixed-rows alarm centers, components for video surveillance. Maximum safety for your goods.

    We ship to Italy, Europe and several countries of the World

  • Wellness & Relax

    Wellness & Relax, 2 words, one philosophy of life centered in the wellness and relaxation of the person, always sought but often do not find because, full of commitments as we are, you do not have the time to bring us in the various SPA. We have a wide range of products including infrared or Finnish sauna, indoor and outdoor hot tub indoor or outdoor mini pools.

    We ship to Italy, Europe and several countries of the World

  • Water treatment

    Equipment to improve the water quality allowing a considerable savings on the cost of drinking water supply or for cooking as well as the saving of energy for the transport of water and packs a considerable benefit to the environment because it does not have more bottles plastic in your garbage.

  • Smart Home

    Everything you need to make your own smart home

  • Air treatment

    Everything you need to improve the quality of air in our environment and for air conditioning, ventilation, dehumidification and cooling for residential or commercial use.

  • Renewable energies

    By the Sun you can have your free production of electricity

  • Outlet

    Products sold individually or collectively, promoted and available while stocks last. Products discounted and no longer ordered.