Stellar Camera

The star cameras are remarkably sensitive and maintain the color display, WITHOUT GOING TO BLACK AND WHITE, even in the night phase. The shooting scene must be sufficiently lit (artificially) in such quantity to allow the camera to function properly, it is therefore recommended to carry out a night test in the conditions in which it will have to operate. It is absolutely not possible to operate the camera in complete or partial darkness. Where greater sensitivity is required, a fixed lens camera should be used, which having a single lens is much brighter and is able to amplify the artificial lights present more.

Star cameras have the following ADVANTAGES:

1. the absence of the IR beam which avoids attracting insects (butterflies, gnats, cobwebs, etc.) that disturb the scene;

2. it is suitable for video surveillance solutions that require traditional and intelligent video analysis because the camera always remains in color;

3. it is extremely discreet as the absence of the IR beam does not make it visible;

4. in case of rain, snow and fog there is no reflection

Stellar Camera

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