According to current legislation, some types of goods can be purchased by taking advantage of the tax deduction of up to 50%.

Furniture Bonus Example (50% deduction): if the purchased product cost € 500, you will be entitled to a deduction on your personal income tax of up to € 250 which will take place in 10 years or with 10 annual installments of € 25.

Taking advantage of the deduction is very easy and the steps to follow are:

1) register on the site and buy the product you want.

2) pay by bank transfer by selecting "building renovation"

3) the year following the purchase you will have to bring to your accountant (tax advisor or in general to whoever deals with your tax return) the copy of the bank transfer with which you paid, a copy of the purchase invoice and the cadastral data of the property where you installed the product.

There are different BONUSES for various types of goods. In relation to the products we sell, the list follows with the related links for further information:

BONUS Furniture and Appliances (also for the purchase of electric heating products - personal income tax deduction 50% - LINK)

Security BONUS (for the purchase of Safety Systems - personal income tax deduction 50% - LINK)

For more information don't hesitate to contact us by:

- e-mail 


- or 333 80 39 413 (Telephone or WhatsApp)

* Please note: Procedures and conditions for accessing the various benefits depend exclusively on the regulations in force and may undergo variations which we may not be promptly informed of. We therefore suggest, before making a purchase, to check with your tax advisor for the possibility of obtaining one or more Bonuses *