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Limited to the area Sicily/Calabria we also deal, upon request, with the installation of our products, in particular: lighting, electric heating, security systems.

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The indiscriminate increase in electricity costs has placed emphasis on the issue of energy saving, charging it with an urgent need in the search for alternative user devices to traditional ones which, together with more thrifty lifestyles, together contribute to the reduction of daily and personal electricity consumption.


One of the main components of this consumption is certainly that of lighting.

In past years we have already witnessed a revolution moving from incandescent and halogen lamps to the more economical fluorescent (neon) ones which, despite a consumption of around half compared to traditional incandescent lamps, however had switch-on times (delay in peak brightness ) such as to often lead to leaving them on rather than turning them on when needed and then having to wait for the full "response".

Until LEDs arrived, with which we were able to have ready (immediate) lighting with consumption of around 1/10th compared to traditional filament (incandescent) lighting.


Technology, we know, is constantly evolving and the new generations of LEDs are certainly more performing and durable than the previous ones, just as they are fewer than those to come, but a considerable reduction in energy consumption linked to lighting is already possible at the moment.

However, it is advisable to choose the right LED lamp for each environment, taking into account that an LED that is too bright and has a "cold" tone may be fine for a study/work area but certainly be counterproductive in a relaxation/rest area where there are "softer" lighting with "natural" or "warm" light tones is preferable.


Whether you need to replace a single lamp or if you want to design the appropriate lighting for a new home, we are available to suggest and provide the right solution for every need.


In Italy most homes are equipped with a gas heating system but often have a single thermostat for the entire apartment.

This, in the case of apartments that are not particularly efficient in terms of energy saving, forces you to adjust the thermostat to a higher temperature to obtain minimally effective heating in environments with greater heat dispersion.

The result is greater consumption (waste) of gas and different temperatures when moving around the house with all the resulting inconveniences.


Although in the case of heat dispersion consumption is greater regardless of the type of source used to generate the heat, it is equally true that opting for electric heating can be a convenient choice in several respects both in the case of "strengthening" of a heating system pre-existing gas heating and in the case of a single system.


We represent one of the main Italian leading companies in the electric heating sector and therefore offer a wide choice for domestic, commercial and industrial heating.


Among the advantages we have that of rapid installation without building work, zero maintenance, high performances and the possibility of turning on the radiators only when needed and for how long is needed.

The main ranges of our products can also be managed remotely via App (IoS and Android) for further simplification.

These panels also allow consumption monitoring, hourly time programming on a weekly basis, temperature setting to a tenth of a degree and have presence control systems for automatic modulation of the heat generated in the event of our prolonged absence as well as open window sensors. which allow the automatic shutdown of the radiator with the enormous advantage of avoiding a large energy waste if, for example, a badly closed window opens due to the wind during our absence at home even at a time in which the radiator is programmed to be switched on.


Whatever your needs, we have the electric heating solution, Made in Italy, right for you!


What is Security and how much are you willing to put it at risk to save money?


It's undeniable. Online (and not only) we are invaded by offers of cameras or alarms for the home and often their prices are so low that they lead us to buy them even when we were not looking for them.

But are we really that safe by spending a few dozen euros?


The topic of SAFETY is extremely important and should be addressed seriously, even better if in person, with the advice of a specialized technician who, after having carried out an inspection of your home/business, will suggest the best specific solution for your needs.


Thanks to the collaboration with a leading Italian company in the sector, we offer professional solutions for security systems including:

anti-intrusion, perimeter systems, video surveillance, thermal cameras, access control, fog systems, fire prevention systems, etc.


Reiterating the concept expressed before, we do not recommend creating a safety system yourself and we suggest always seeking advice from a technician.


Whether you want to prevent access when you're out or you want to "lock yourself in" while staying safe, we have the solution for you.


Contact us for any questions or technical details about our products.


Wellness & Relax: two words, a philosophy of life focused on the well-being and relaxation of the person, as indispensable as they are sought after with ever-increasing difficulty due to the stress of hectic lives full of commitments.


Nowadays even gyms have equipped themselves with wellness rooms, where you can release adrenaline and post-workout tension through a sauna.

Unfortunately, however, we don't always have the time to go to a facility, and with the traffic on our roads it's also easy to lose that feeling of well-being acquired during the sauna in the chaos of the journey home!


So why not equip a room or a corner of our home in order to recreate a completely private micro SPA to use whenever we feel like it and feel the need?


Thanks to the collaboration with a leading Italian importing company, we offer a wide choice of:

- indoor hydromassage tubs (to replace the traditional bathtub) or outdoor, as a mini-pool for outdoor relaxation;

- three types of indoor or outdoor saunas with a choice of infrared cabins, traditional Finnish saunas (equipped with a Harvia or Sawo stove) or combined saunas (which combine both the readiness of the infrared system and the vapors of the traditional system).


Different models for different needs but all with a common denominator: Wellness & Relax


Everything you need to improve the quality of air in our environment and for air conditioning, ventilation, dehumidification and cooling for residential or commercial use.



Purchasing water in traditional plastic packaging involves not only the burden of transport (weight, bulk) and purchase, but also that of disposing of the plastic.


So why not have a suitable water treatment system at home so that it is suitable for consumption (drinking and cooking)?

Thanks to the collaboration with a leading Italian company in the sector, we offer the best solutions for:


- Elimination of limescale, odors, flavors, bacteria, viruses


- Reverse osmosis purification for drinking water


- Sparkling and chilled water systems

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