Always attentive to energy savings through the optimization of power consumption and the maintenance of high standards of living and working comfort, we are constantly looking for products and successful solutions to be offered to an ever more satisfied customers through our e-commerce store through which we sell in Italy, in Europe, and in the following countries of the world (Australia, Bahrain, Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, Japan, Greenland, Russia, United States of America).

We are also in Catania, with our wholesale store.


We hear about widespread LED lighting for a few years and even less for the lighting of residential areas. Actually this technology offers valuable advantages they can get preferred over the use of traditional energy-saving lamps.

The benefits of greater evidence led
One thinks of the LED and is thought to lamp life. If we use the electric light in a responsible manner, as we should always do, a LED lamp will accompany us for many years. Its ability to emit light is remarkable and therefore with a low power can achieve good luminous intensity: a 7 watt LED lamp replaces a filament lamp of 70 watts. At this point the saving has already been duplicated. Furthermore, the light output does not vary with time and our LED in 10 years we will offer the same quality of light of today.

Health and comfort
The LED is always ready to respond to our command: no "flickering" at power and does not require time to reach full brightness. We turn on and the LED provides us immediately his bright response. The light efficiency is optimal in different color temperatures: either we choose a warm LED light that a cold LED light will have the highest quality. It 'also important to know that among the advantages of the LED is the absence of infrared and ultraviolet emissions: we do not see it in indoor environments are not healthy!

Among the advantages of the use of LEDs is definitely the design. The LED is proposed in many shapes and sizes and is also suitable for embedding into the spotlights or to request a stylish minimalist band of light with LEDs distributed over strips that we can make disappear! With the fantasy of a good designer's LED illumination ensures a strong personality environments.

And the environment?
The LED lighting contains no mercury or lead. Even the environment will have one more reason to thank us!


Why not make our homes and our businesses safer and more comfortable by installing an electric heating system with radiant panels?

Approval of the electrical heating, we propose to our. customers the best solutions to electric heating panels whether they are portable or fixed installation, wall hanging or domestic use for industrial and commercial environments.

Wide range of products (STYLO, PLANO, DEKO, KLIMA, ACANTO, HELISEA, DEVA, THERMO, FOLIO, TOUCH, HALOS, OASI) with various power ratings to all environments and any requirements. The everything with an intelligent use of electrical energy, thanks to the precision of new electronic controls and home automation, allowing to heat the room (when placed) in a very short time and ensuring a uniform and constant heat, creating a pleasant feeling enveloping .

Different models for every requirement. All strictly "Made in Italy"!

More solutions for all installation needs, residential, commercial, industrial.

The existing law provides for the purchase by 31 December 2015, extended until 31 December 2016 with the "" 2016 Stability Law (Law no. 208 of December 28, 2015) of our electric heating can qualify for the deduction panels tax of 50%, in case of simultaneous purchase of costs incurred for building renovation.


Starting from the idea that, thanks to the Sun we are given the opportunity to self generate electricity to meet all or almost our energy needs, why not improve the energy target of what product or drawn from the counter of our energy manager, considerably decreasing relative to consumption 'lighting using LEDs as a light source?

Photovoltaic systems, more and more efficient in terms of production capacity, in the face of an increasingly smaller economic investment whose entire funding is possible, allows drive produce the electricity, and then to have a savings, if not the elimination, of the amount spent so far in the electricity bill and also the advantages are recognized over time to write-off also fully supported the investment for their implementation.


Through the installation of our intrusion detection systems, we defend our goods with the best technology on the market today, even without building work!

Hiding with a very fast and thick fog our goods by the sight of the thief who, during the closing of our business bursts in our circles to try and steal our goods before the arrival of law enforcement but, thanks to thick fog generated by our devices will be forced to an unsuccessful escape!

Or, or in addition, we defend our assets and our domestic spaces or working with the installation of one of our central PowerG without wires, thanks to un'efficentissima radio technology (with a range up to 2 km) does not require any wiring , requires an installation is quite simple and therefore inexpensive.

Furthermore (and here comes the "Power Save game"), as the paired devices "communicate" with the center only when the system is "armed" (inserted), the batteries of each device guarantee long durations!

Please contact us for any question or technical detail, we are always at your disposal.


Wellness & Relax, 2 words, one philosophy of life centered in the wellness and relaxation of the person, always sought but often do not find because, full of commitments as we are, you do not have the time to bring us in the various SPA.

So why not bring a SPA in our homes?

Thanks to the collaboration with a leading Italian importer, we can offer a wide choice not only between whirlpools Indoor, instead of a traditional bathtub or external, such as mini-pool for relaxing outdoors; but also between indoor or outdoor saunas, infrared or exclusively with Sawo or Harvia stove for a perfect and traditional Finnish sauna or in combination with a product that includes both systems.

Different models for different needs but all with a common denominator: Wellness & Relax


Everything you need to make the smart home, from automation the gate or garage gate to that of air-conditioning or your heating system


Everything you need to improve the quality of air in our environment and for air conditioning, ventilation, dehumidification and cooling for residential or commercial use.


Why continue to buy water in supermarkets, even caricandoci freight weight as well as having to then occupy the disposal of waste in plastic bottles? Thanks to the collaboration with an Italian company leader in the sector, we can finally offer our customers the best solutions for water softening, filtration, reverse osmosis, water carbonation. So we will have more direct and pure water ready to flow from our tap.

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