Icon WiFi towel warmer


A sophisticated and iconic line. A real piece of furniture in just 45 cm of footprint.
A satin surface to admire and touch, with an ultra-flat shape.
RADIALIGHT DUAL-THERM technology that offers you the warm embrace of radiation and the efficiency of convection.

From today all this can be had in a single product, or rather two, in the colors ice white or anthracite gray. Equipped with two elegant towel bars in anodized aluminum and a bathrobe hook ICON 2B will be the thermo furniture for the bathroom of your dreams, able to give you always warm towels and bathrobes and the right comfort you want.

ICON 2B in the Wi-Fi version is equipped with LED ambient light and can be managed remotely thanks to the Radialight APP. (What's about Radialight's App)

Do you want to heat your home or business but have doubts about choosing the right product? Fill out this FORM and you will receive a dedicated quote with the best solution according to your needs!

Icon WiFi towel warmer


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