HyperPower Multifunction

HYPERPOWER Multifunction Control Unit - Multifunctional system for the management of large systems with VMS integration and SICURIT systems of the ABSOLUTE™, DAVE™, Peridect®, Peridect®+, AVANTGARDE™ and LEONARDO series.

- HyperPower and HyperPower Lite are multi-system systems, the first consisting of a microprocessor control unit and remote modules, the second a sophisticated software, both developed for signal acquisition, command implementation and operator interfacing.

Any type of sensor and actuator can be used: HyperPower adapts to the type of interfacing (with double balancing, analogue in voltage or current) and to the type of management (filtering, storage, delay, association, etc.) required by the object chosen.

- Possibility of connection both via RS-485 and on a LAN/IP network for the management of over 3000 sensors, including third-party ones, via special peripherals (RS-232, etc.).

- Ideal for the management of perimeter systems thanks to direct communication with ABSOLUTE™, DAVE™, Peridect®, Peridect®+ systems and integration into latest generation GEUTEBRUCK, MILESTONE, GENETEC, LENSEC and SICURIT video systems

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