AETHEREA Glass Dual-Therm Electric Radiator - Wi-Fi Ready

Glass is a natural material, synonymous with purity, with smooth, reflective surfaces that furnish with elegance.

But for us at Radialight it is not just an aesthetic element: it combines beauty with exceptional thermal and physical properties which allow it to accumulate heat and then gradually release it even when the radiator is not in operation, guaranteeing a lasting radiation effect, to maintain longer the comfort you need for a long time.

Add to these exceptional features cutting-edge technology, made up of easy-to-use touch controls, simple and intuitive navigation through countless functions, which offers customizable heating for every room in our home, which adapts to our rhythms of life, learning our habits by itself and manageable wherever we are thanks to the convenience of home automation.

• DUAL-THERM double heating system: infrared radiation + natural convection;

• Intelligent control of the power supplied to give you maximum energy savings;

• Display with menu navigation for easy and intuitive use;

• Adjustment of the desired room temperature with precision to the tenth of a degree;

• Programming on an hourly basis, customizable for each day of the week and clearly displayed;

• opticontrol system which automatically detects your presence and allows you to reduce consumption in case of absence but also to automatically create an operating program by learning your habits by itself;

• Powercheck function to inform you of daily and weekly consumption;

• Window opening detection function to avoid useless waste of energy;

• Safety functions for the elderly or children, with which it is possible to set a reduction in the power and temperature of the radiator but also block access to the controls;

• Quick and easy installation thanks to the included mounting kit and zero maintenance costs;

• Possibility of connection to your WiFi network and home automation control through the Radialight APP (only after installing the RADIALIGHT WiFi MODULE, which can be purchased separately);

• IP24 protection against splashes of water, also ideal for installation in bathrooms.

• Product compliant with EcoDESIGN Regulations

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WFB01000 WiFi module for Radialight radiator

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