Oasi HT

OASI HT, the high emissivity infrared lamp, designed and built in Italy by Radialight, perfect for heating and beautifying outdoor environments, dehors, terraces and verandas that remain exposed to wind, air humidity and agents atmospheric.

The infrared heat emitted by the high-temperature short-wave infrared halogen resistance of OASI HT directly heats the people and surfaces within the lamp's range of action, without being influenced by the wind, and therefore concentrating the Comfort exactly on the area that you are interested in heating, counteracting the adversities of atmospheric agents.

- Instant heat on the area where the radiation is concentrated

- Efficient heat: more than 85% of the energy is converted into heat

- Heating flexibility: only portions of larger areas can be heated

- Durability guarantee: the OASI HT halogen heating element is guaranteed for over 5,000 hours of operation

- Ecological: no gas emissions or oxygen consumption

- Economical: maximum consumption of €0.38/h (much lower than classic gas mushrooms)

Oasi HT - Infrared heating with halogen lamp

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