The shipping costs of our products are calculated by weight or volume, the total that is always displayed including VAT. In special cases, for the most part provided in the purchase of electric heating products, contextual when purchasing more articles you may have to resort to the use of pallets which, by increasing volumes and weights of the shipment, affecting more or less significantly in the cost of shipment.

Some products (always mostly of electrical heating), ranging on pallet regardless of purchase unit.

This need is dictated by the desire to ensure (the common interest) to our products the best possible protection during expeditions.

The marking has a cost of € 6.00 including VAT to be added to the total of the transaction (product cost + shipping cost, eg. Product cost € 10,00 + shipping costs € 7.40 Total = € 17,40 per transaction which go added € 6.00 mark).

The marking is accepted only in Italy, and up to € 50.00 product value.

For payment by bank transfer or credit card there is no cost of delivery.

Order processing times: on average about 5/10 working days, barring unforeseen circumstances and unless otherwise indicated for example during holidays, or during the closing days of our suppliers.

Delivery by appointment (only in ITALY): For this type of delivery is applied to the cost of delivery by courier with an additional fee of 4.50 €, clearly demonstrated in the choice of the method of delivery.

The service requires that the customer is contacted by phone by the carrier to secure the delivery date and time slot (morning or afternoon).

If the national or foreign delivery address is in the list of remote areas of our courier, you will be required to pay an additional fee of approximately € 24.40 (including tax).

The list of italian remote areas is available at this link

The list of remote areas abroad is available at this link


Upon receipt of the products please accept the courier adding the word "SUBJECT" in the form that you sign the delivery so that if you ever have the defects due to transport (dents, cracks etc.) Will give us the opportunity to request reimbursement to the courier and let you have a new product.


If established and if possible for the client, in case of withdrawal of goods from our store, always observe the opening hours which are Monday through Friday, in the morning from 09:00 to 13:00 and afternoon 15:30 at 19:30. The store's address is: 30 / E Via Duca degli Abruzzi - Catania (CT) - Italy.

For more information on this, it is advisable to consult the relevant page to the "Terms and Conditions of Sale"