Windy Fan Heater


The wall-mounted fan heater with an ultra-flat design, with digital controls and energy saving functions.

The new generation of Windy bathroom towel warmers is hi-tech technology with high performance for the precise and personalized management of the thermal comfort of your bathroom and to make your daily routine easier. Radialight has designed and created a product capable of spreading a pleasant warmth inside your bathroom in a few minutes, capable of drying and heating your towels and at the same time furnishing your rooms with a sober but modern style.

Thanks to the daily and weekly programming, you can finally say goodbye to cold awakenings: the heat emitted by WINDY can be customized according to your daily routine, for a bathroom that is always comfortable and ready to welcome you. Choose the best of bathroom fan heaters: choose WINDY.

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Windy Fan Heater


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