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Dual Technology Antimasking Sensor 12m 3° Sicurit - INF100EXTR


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INF100EXTR is a dual technology, ANTIMASKING, waterproof sensor, which forms a curtain detection area (about 3 °) suitable for the anti-intrusion protection of open field or perimeter areas.

This type of sensor allows the movement of people within the protected area, without this generating false alarms. The sensor is waterproof and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

INF100EXTR in addition to being an extremely safe and reliable sensor, is equipped with an extraordinary detection capacity and is equipped with an excellent system against any attempt to sabotage or obscure the sensor (masking) even with the sensor deactivated. INF100EXTR is able to detect any type of material placed in the sensor's close field of view, including transparent films, glass and plastics.

In the attempt to cover the lens through the use of spay lacquers or dyes INF100EXTR will always emit an alarm signal. The dual technology system (microwave and passive infrared) guarantees accurate detection, drastically reducing the number of false alarms.

Technical specifications

- Coverage: 12 meters / 3 °

- Power supply: from 9 to 14Vdc

- Absorption: in standby 20mA; running 30mA (max)

- Alarm contact relay: 15Vcc / 20mA

- Antimasking alarm contact relay: 15Vcc / 20mA

- Tamper Switch: 24Vcc / 0.1A

- Detection speed: from 0.1 to 5m / sec.

- Alarm period: 2 Seconds

- Antimasking relay activation: at least 2 seconds

- Operating temp .: from -37 ° to + 70 ° C

- Microwave frequency: 24.125 GHz.

- Dimensions: 104 x 35 x 35 mm (h x b x d)

- Fixing bracket supplied

Chiedi Preventivo

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