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Double Antimasking technology sensor and auto microwave off - INF18AM


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Double ANTIMASKING technology on MW and active on passive infrared with AND and OR function, range 18 m. 90 ° - 12Vdc - with microwave switch-off when the room is occupied

The INF18AM is a dual technology volumetric detector consisting of a Microwave (MW) section and a Passive Infrared (PIR) section. Intended for highly professional installations, it stands out for its GLAS system (Global Antimasking SYSTEM) - a combination of Anti-Masking on the Microwave, Active Anti-Masking on the Infrared, and ABP1 / ABP2 system, (anti-concealment of the intruder) - which makes the sensor unsabotable. The DEOL end-of-line set of resistors, the range of 18m and the possibility of housing two different joints enhance its installation flexibility. Designed for applications in sites with a high risk of sensor sabotage such as the use of paints and sprays, mechanical masking of the detector, attempts to conceal the intruder.

Technical specifications



- ABP 1 / ABP2: Infrared anti-blinding, with two options to counter attempts to conceal the intruder

- Selectable end-of-line resistors.



- AND-OR operation

- ECO: With the system disarmed, it allows the microwave to be switched off.

- LED OFF: Deactivates the detection views while keeping the memory views enabled.

- Selectable sensitivity on two levels.

- Timed alarm type memory.

- Anti Fluorescent digital processing.

- Opto relay for long life and low consumption.

- Microwave with pulsed emission with low environmental impact.

- 18-beam Fresnel lens on 4 planes with Look Down Zone.

- Total coverage 90 ° for 18m.

- Corner, wall, joint mounting.

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