Internal dual-technology anti-masking sensor for PowerG WPMDT32AM


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The dual technology WPMDT32AM detector combines advanced PIR detection algorithms with K-band microwave detection, to significantly reduce false alarms, even in residential or commercial installations and on installations in difficult environments. The exclusive anti-disguise mode increases reliability, allowing the detection of intruders who intervene on their own body temperature to bring them as close as possible to the ambient temperature.
The exclusive anti-masking feature of the WPMDT32AM unit further improves the safety level by protecting the PIR detector or microwave from being masked.
Using the mirror detection technology of Visonic's TOWER family in combination with PowerG bidirectional wireless technology, the WPMDT32AM detector offers unmatched reliability, interference resistance and simple installation.

Advanced Detection Technologies

    Dual technology: PIR and microwave - The alarm signal is sent only after both the PIR sensor and the K-band microwave sensor have detected an intruder. In this way false alarms decrease significantly reducing the related costs, both for the end user and for the installer.
    Combination of elliptical-parabolic mirror optics - The innovative mirror with very high optical gain covers a wide range and offers a higher detection sensitivity.
    Digital temperature compensation - The detection sensitivity is continuously adjusted based on the ambient temperature. Improves intruder detection even when the ambient temperature is close to human body temperature.
    Disguise mode - This mode is used when an intruder intervenes on his own body temperature to bring it closer to the room temperature. The unique detection algorithm and the greater sensitivity of the microwaves, together, improve the detection sensitivity and reduce the probability of false alarms.
    Black Mirror technology - The exclusive nickel-based reflective surface, similar in appearance to obsidian, acts as a selective optical filter for infrared energy. Practically eliminates the interference of white light and increases the detection sensitivity.
    Extended detection area - Exclusive optics allow you to reach an area of ​​9 m on an angle of 90 °.
    Covers the "creep areas" near the walls without dead spots.
    No false alarms caused by pets.
    Unparalleled reliability and resistance
    Dual anti-masking - Thanks to an advanced anti-masking mechanism, the WPMDT32AM issues an alarm whenever an attempt is made to mask the PIR sensor or the microwave one.
    Frequency jump - With the possibility of switching between one frequency band and another, WPMDT32AM resists almost all types of radio interference. It allows long distance communication with the control panel even in the most difficult environments from the point of view of security.
    Unprecedented anti-masking protection - Taking advantage of the active infrared anti-masking technology for transmitter and receiver, the WPMDT32AM unit emits IR signals that are reflected from the surrounding area and return to the receiver. Attempts to mask these signals using locking devices or a spray product will cause an alarm to be triggered.
    Front and rear tamper protection - If an intruder tries to open the WPMDT32AM cover or remove the detector from the wall, an alarm is triggered.
    V-Slot Technology - This revolutionary window, extraordinarily small and hidden, is extremely resistant and well protected against mechanical damage and vandalism.
    Status LED of the integrated RF signal - The quality of the RF signal is clearly indicated by means of an integrated LED, so it is possible to choose the optimal installation position without having to physically approach the control panel.
    Remote configuration - all the parameters can be pre-registered and configured by the control unit or the control unit without physical switches and without having to re-open the detector.
    It is possible to access the WPMDT32AM from a monitoring station, to perform the diagnostic procedures and activate the remote coverage test. In this way it is not necessary to go to the customers.
    Longer battery life - Thanks to PowerG technology.
    Coverage: 9 m (50 ft) / 90 ° with crawling protection
    Battery type: 3V lithium, CR-123A or 17450
    Battery life: Five years (with typical use)

Mounting height: 1.8 - 3 m

RF / radio technology: PowerG
Microwave frequency: K band
Antimask: Dual active mechanism
Dimensions: 115 x 60 x 48 mm
Operating temperature: from -10 ° to 50 ° C
Tamper protection: Opening and tearing
Compliance: EN 50131-2-2 (Europe) grade 3



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