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Controller 24VDC control unit


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AquaCentral control unit controller for AquaBurg, Silverbox Up systems

Multicontroller control unit for reverse osmosis systems and purifiers for domestic use.

The SN control unit powered by 24VDC manages various 24VDC inputs and outputs, filter status control with acoustic signal and automatic osmosis system washing.

**The electrical wiring and the anti-flooding plate sensor are included

There is no display but a LED strip which uses different colors to inform you about the status of the system.

--> Spare part suitable for Silverbox Up 24VDC systems

Control unit outputs and inputs:

- minimum pressure switch connection

- inlet solenoid valve connection (function in case of water shortage) with delayed start.

- maximum pressure switch connection

- drain solenoid valve connection (for flushing = washing)

- anti-flooding probe plate connection

- 24VDC booster pump connection


1) At the first start after installation, the control unit starts the first wash, powers the flushing solenoid valve, opens the inlet solenoid valve and begins to drain the machine with the engine running for approximately 1 minute.

2) At each start-up (request for water, ascertained by the maximum pressure switch) the pump and the inlet solenoid valve are powered in a delayed manner only after having ascertained that there is water entering through the minimum pressure switch.

3) In case of lack of incoming water the control unit emits a sound and the LEDs turn red and prevents the pump from turning on.

4) In the event that the control unit detects a water leak inside the system through the anti-flooding probe, the control unit protects the system by NOT turning on the pump and closing the inlet solenoid valve. The LEDs turn red and the control unit emits a continuous "beep".

5) Every 10 hours and randomly after some requests, the system is flushed. The drain solenoid valve is then powered for approximately 15-20 seconds.

Electric connections:

The wiring connector cable is supplied together with the control units and the wires have different colors to facilitate and identify the connections.

Furthermore the cables have faston terminals.

- Red and black wire: 24VDC power input

- Pair of black wires: N.C. solenoid valve connection 24Vdc input

- Pair of Fuchsia wires: N.C. solenoid valve connection 24Vdc in discharge (flushing)

- Pair of green wires: 24Vdc pump power supply

- Pair of yellow wires: minimum pressure switch connection (input)

- Pair of blue wires: maximum pressure switch connection (output)

- Plug for connection to anti-flooding plate (already included as per photo)

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