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Èuniko – Water Nobilizer

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ÈUNIKO. Nobilizer to improve the quality of water. The most natural solution for the well-being of your body. Does not require the addition of salt.


Uniform volumetric mixer of soluble food nobilizers, is a patented system of aeriform mixture, which uses an innovative technology capable of solubilizing inert gases in water, in order to enhance the function of universal solvent of water. It is a standard mixture with a high level of sanitization that allows the dissolution of existing limestone and prevents the formation of new encrustations, extending, in fact, the life of the systems and connected equipment.


- Reduces the risk of bacterial contamination as it prevents their proliferation.

- Keeps the domestic piping constantly clean, having a bactericidal effect.

- Does not alter the organoleptic characteristics of the water;

- Dissolves the limestone present in the water and that pre-existing in the systems;

- Eliminates biofilm;

- Eliminates oxide-ferrous residues;

- Decreases water consumption by 30%;

- Reduced maintenance;

- Does not require material storage;

- Does not require auxiliary equipment;

- Regeneration of exhausted containment tank.


The hydraulic systems of any industrial, civil or hospitality building, in addition to water, transport countless other inorganic and microbiological substances inside. These substances tend to form encrustations that stratify and become real impenetrable rocks.

Encrusted surfaces, in addition to being an ideal environment for the proliferation of microorganisms, significantly cause pressure losses in the systems, forcing them to operate at a higher pressure.

All this causes failures and damage in the entire hydraulic system, as well as increased electricity consumption.


– Corrosion of the pipe

– Poor biological quality of the water

– Water with unpleasant odor and taste

– Pumping of reddish water

By changing the calcium-carbon balance of the water, the effect is produced of transforming the inorganic pollutants into inert solutes in water, which do not precipitate and prevent the formation of scale. The device doses high-quality gaseous elements in concentrations close to the limits of water solubility. These elements do not alter any physical/chemical parameter and are within the expected limits.


Structure: Powder-coated carbon steel and Plexiglass

Control PLC: Intelligent Program System for automatic control

Consumption: 10 kg tank expected treatment duration of 12 months for a 4-person home

Acoustic noise level: 42/45 dB

Dimensions: 279 x 310.50 x 505.37 mm

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