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ATHAX double body volume Autotrol Logix resin softener 20 liters

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Water used for drinking, sanitary or technological purposes, coming from the aqueduct or from an independent supply, can have high hardness values, a term used to indicate the concentration of calcium and magnesium salts.

These precipitates form limescale encrustations, causing damage to boilers, kettles, water systems, and household appliances in general.

The ATHAX Autotrol Logix series softeners are built in absolute compliance with current laws and regulations and allow the hardness to be reduced, with notable benefits and savings in:

- domestic hot and cold drinking water circuits

- boilers for hot water heating systems and related circuits

- steam boilers and related steam and condensate return circuits

- cooling and chilled water circuits

- evaporative towers

- laundries, washing machines, civil and industrial dishwashers

- process waters for the processing of raw materials and semi-finished products

- process waters for the production of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

Water softeners for domestic-professional-semi/industrial use depending on the model, made with quality materials, valve and Autotrol control unit (American). you set the reference program according to the system model and the softener will automatically calculate the regeneration times. For the volume model it will be necessary to enter the degree of hardness of the water to be treated so that the softener can automatically calculate the total volume it can work.

The Aquasoft ATHAX water softeners are double body models made up of a reinforced fiberglass cylinder containing highly absorbent Strong Cation resins and a brine tank. The vat can be round or square depending on the model.

The ATHAX AUTOTROL double body water softener is equipped with the AUTOTROL 255/760 volume valve:

regeneration control valve equipped with a flow sensor and a turbine meter, for determining the volume of treated water. This version starts regeneration at the time set on a day chosen by the electronics based on the actual water consumption, exchange capacity and hardness set. The appliance allows regeneration to be programmed in the following ways:

• time-volume: after reaching the set volume, at the set time.

It is possible to equip the AquAsoft Autotrol loGiX system with the following optional accessories:

• Hardness mixing kit: allows you to mix the hardness and adjust the degree of limescale output.

• Sterilization kit: Original Autotrol chlorine generator for disinfection of resins during the production phase


• By-pass kit: original Autotrol system, is mounted in the rear part of the valve to bypass the softener if it is necessary to intervene on it.


Domestic Autotrol softener with dedicated microprocessor control electronics having the following characteristics:

- easy to program display with dedicated keyboard

- disinfection system management (optional) during regeneration

- possibility of starting manual regeneration with guided progression of the different phases

- display of the regeneration phases and their duration

- 8 days memory autonomy (in case of power failure)

- safety voltage on the appliance 12V/50Hz


Maximum pressure: 6 BAR

Minimum pressure: 2 BAR

Maximum temperature: 50°C

Max Fe concentration: 0.1 ppm

Max free chlorine concentration: 0.5 ppm

Electrical operation: 12V

Electrical absorption: 3W


- Cylinder volume: 20L of resins

- Salt consumption for regeneration: 2.0 - 3.0 kg

- Water consumption for regeneration: 140 - 190 litres

- Fiberglass cylinder dimensions, Diameter: 200mm Height 1087mm

- Cylinder Dimensions in Inches 8" x 35"

- Tub dimensions: Diameter 340mm Height 905mm

- Salt vat content 75 litres.

- Valve Type: Pentair Autotrol Logix 255-760 Electronic Volumetric Valve

- DOWEX HCR/S-S Cationic Resin (20 LT)

- Connections: standard IN/OUT 3/4" - 1/2" drain (if you prefer 1" specify in the order notes)


- 1.5 m of brine pipe

- Timer instruction booklet in Italian

- Maintenance booklet

- 2 year Italian warranty

- System installation diagram

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