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H200cm IP IR barrier for outdoor SICURIT range 200m IMTIR200/2.0


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Composed of 3 IR beams - Column height 200 cm - Range 200 m - Bidirectional IR beams IP Native

AVANTGARDE is an infrared barrier with optical synchronism and connection to a LAN/IP network.

Available in 2 models with ranges of 50 and 200 meters. Traditional relay outputs also available.

Avantgarde™ is a modular infrared barrier with a high level of safety, designed for the safety of large outdoor areas (up to 200m range between transmitter and receiver).

It is characterized by the implementation of the exclusive bi-directional rays with optical synchronization branded SICURIT, housed in elegant extruded aluminum columns. The heart of each barrier is the intelligence present inside each infrared optical head and interfaced with the analysis unit capable of managing up to 18 infrared optical rays housed in columns that can reach up to 6 meters in height . Avantgarde™ is virtually available in any height and configuration in relation to the level of safety you want to achieve.

Thanks to the integrated web-server, Avantgarde™ can be easily configured, managed and controlled remotely via the LAN connection.

Avantgarde™ communicates directly with MODBUS and API protocols.

The data communication of the ABSOLUTE PRO Slave (TX) and Master (RX) units is optical. A sync cable is not required which makes the installation procedure longer, more complicated and therefore more expensive. The security of optical data transmission is guaranteed by the continuous regeneration of protection codes. Thanks to the patented bi-directional infrared ray technology, ABSOLUTE PRO is completely immune to direct sunlight or car headlights, which often cause false alarms in barriers with conventional infrared rays.

Each beam present in the AVANTGARDE™ columns is equipped with a microprocessor. Individual crossing parameters can be set, and up to 5 multiple detection scenarios can be configured for improved filtering. This enormously reduces the number of false alarms caused by the sudden presence along the perimeter of animals such as small birds and mammals.

AVANTGARDE™ can be adapted to different environmental conditions, such as snowfall, turf growth or sand storms, by temporarily disabling (without further wired connections) the beams directly covered by snow, sand or dirt, preserving the overall functioning of the barrier and its detection capacity.

AVANTGARDE™ includes a Signal Efficiency Analysis unit, which constantly monitors the stability of the optical communication of each infrared beam. In the event of a decrease in performance due to the presence of dirt on the lenses or plexiglass, or due to other disturbing factors, a control report will be sent to the operations center.

The DAGC (Automatic Digital Gain Control) unit protects the AVANTGARDE™ from infrared radiation or field reflections.

It also increases the signal to noise ratio making the system more stable and efficient.

Totally immune to dazzling lights (sun on the horizon - car headlights, etc.)

Analysis of the direction of movement

Individual setting of crossing parameters for each ray

Automatic digital gain control

5 presettable detection scenarios

Optical synchronism

Direct connection to IP networks

Continuous control of the optical signal efficiency status (SEA)

Chiedi Preventivo

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