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8 liters/minute under-sink grease trap 8/C with coalescence filter

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8/C under-sink grease trap system with 8 litres/minute

System for the separation of light non-emulsified oils and fats for kitchens for the treatment of water before release into public sewer systems. (Legislative Decree n°152 of 11/05/99)

The grease trap system is suitable for use in kitchens, laboratories and restaurants (not suitable for workshops or similar activities where the oil separator is recommended).

Technical features

- Inlet and outlet connections: DN40

- Connection for fat and oil discharge: present

- Length: 440mm

- Length with connections: 540mm

- Depth: 240mm

- Height: 440mm


- Max food flow rate: 12 l/minute

- Normal feed flow: 8 l/minute

- Total volume: 46 l

- Overall surface area: 0.11 m2

- Minimum retention time: 5.5'

- Ascent height: 0.35 m

- Ascension speed: 0.05 m/minute

- Fully loaded weight: 45 kg

- Fat and oil removal efficiency: 99.0%

Why is installing a grease trap important?

The Legislative Decree 152/06 "Environmental regulations" provides for a maximum discharge limit of 20 mg/l into surface waters and 40 mg/l into the sewer system for animal/vegetable fats and oils. This decree establishes the rules regarding soil protection and the fight against desertification, the protection of waters from pollution and the management of water resources.

Grease traps must be adopted in cases where the discharges have a high content of light suspensions (typically fats and oils of animal and/or vegetable origin).

Following a series of checks in the area, including in Italy, the installation of such devices in the case of commercial activities is becoming essential.


The under-sink static grease trap has been specifically created for all those activities where meals are prepared and having to be connected to the public sewer or to a pre-existing disposal system for civil waste only, which need to eliminate excess fats and oils, as well as provided for by the Legislative Decree 152 of 11/05/99 for civil discharges before being released into public sewers.

The operating principle is very simple and consists of conveying the dishwashing wastewater into a static grease trap which will have the task of statically separating the fats which, thanks to their lower specific weight, are naturally separated from the water.

In the static grease trap, the appropriately sized bulkheads and passages allow the sediments to settle on the bottom and trap the grease in the first compartment.

This type of grease trap, considering its small size, has been equipped with special coalescence filters, in order to capture any oil droplets dragged by the speed of the exhaust flow.

Coalescence filters exploit the principle of cohesion and adhesion of small oil particles, therefore as they pass through the water, the entrained oil droplets cling to the filter support, aggregating together and thus remaining trapped.

The grease trap mod. 8/C or mod. 6/C, is equipped with an inspection lid and has also been designed to be completely open on the top to allow the extraction of sediments and solidified fats.

For the correct functioning of the grease trap it is necessary to periodically clean the sedimentation compartment, as well as eliminate the fats and oils which must be disposed of in the manner and within the terms of the law, furthermore the coalescence filters must be replaced periodically.

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