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Atlas FA 10" SX 25 MCR Filter - Wound Wire Cartridge RE5115411


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CARTRIDGE FILTER - FA 10" SX 25 MICRON - MADE IN ITALY for SENIOR SX container filter (ATLAS FILTRI) code RE5115411 - dimensions L x h: 61 x 250 mm x connection: 28 mm


FA SX filter cartridges are normally used for the removal of sand, flakes and other suspended sediments, for filtration applications in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Maximum flow rate up to 5000 l/h.

They are available in different models, diameters and configurations, with heights of 4", 5", 7", 10", 20" and filtration of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 microns.

Series of filter cartridges produced with pure polypropylene thread wrapped around a reinforced central core in polypropylene, which guarantees its stability.

Used to remove sand, rust and other suspended sediments, for all residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Atlas Filtri Italia's FA SX cartridges are produced with uniform, homogeneous and tenacious polypropylene yarn, therefore particularly resistant to twisting, for each width from 4" to 40"; this makes it possible to create extremely compact cartridges, obtaining, compared to the standard on the market, a considerable increase in the filtering surface and a consequent increase in the average duration of the cartridge itself.

These cartridges are suitable for many industrial applications thanks to their broad chemical-physical compatibility and for use with water or other liquids in the chemical, petrochemical, photographic, electroplating, pharmaceutical fields.


Attack type: SX standard crush

Operating flow rate: 2000 l/h

Glass type: 10" filter - Senior

Filter type: Sediment

Size: 10"

Height: 250mm

Inner diameter: 28mm

Outer diameter: 61mm

Filtration: 25 microns

Nominal flow rate (L/h): 2000 l/h

Average duration: 3/6 months

Operating temperature: min 4°C (39.2°F) - max 45°C (113° F)

Properties: Series of filter cartridges manufactured with pure polypropylene yarn wrapped around a reinforced polypropylene central core, which guarantees its stability. Available in different nominal filtration levels, heights, diameters and configurations. Intended for drinking water. Do not use in case of microbiologically impure water or of unknown quality.

Notes: Can be installed on SX containers

Applications: Used to remove sand, rust and other suspended sediments, for all residential, commercial and industrial applications

Maintenance: None

Use and destination: Intended for drinking water. Do not use in case of microbiologically impure water or of unknown quality


- Non-toxic materials, suitable for drinking water

- Different models and configurations

- Maximum compatibility with aqueous solutions for different applications

- Safety of a standard product certified by stringent international standards

Certifications and Approvals:

- Compliant with DM 25 (Italy)

- EAC/Ghostreghistrazia (Russia)

- WaterMark (Australia)

- ACS (France)

Packaging/pieces: 50

Note: Being a food grade product, it will arrive sealed in a clear bag. It is possible to check the dimensions of the connections without having to unpack the filter. If you have purchased the filter with the wrong measurements, it is essential not to tear the bag. Otherwise we will NOT be able to proceed with the replacement or return. Any shipping costs for the return of the product purchased by mistake will still be at your expense.

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