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Ècomodo - washing without detergents

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Ècomodo is an innovative washing system, which cleanses and sanitizes linen with the power of Active Oxygen and Silver Ions, acting in a specialized and completely natural way, without the use of polluting chemicals.

With Ècomodo, it is no longer a problem to thoroughly sanitize the linen of the whole family, even the most delicate and precious items, by washing it with the use of a single product. Ecomodo is the innovative washing system that will allow you to have ecological laundry, without chemical residues, minimizing the environmental impact.


- With Ècomodo, the use of all chemical products used up to now can be reduced by approximately 95%.

- It represents a unique and innovative solution, absolutely non-polluting, as a powerful alternative to the use of chemical detergents, generally highly toxic for humans and polluting for the environment.

- It does not require human intervention for its own setting, as thanks to the integrated digital operating system, everything happens automatically, without risking any over-dosages.

- It can be even 5 times more effective than any other chemical disinfectant used for washing laundry.

- Does not damage the fabrics, not damaging them at all and keeping the linen always fresh and clean as if it had just been removed from the package.

- It is already efficient at 30 °, so it involves significant savings in terms of electricity consumption.

- Ecomodo is a true champion of the environment, as it significantly reduces the use of chemical detergents and consequently of PVC containers which, too frequently, end up in landfills or ... in the sea, creating irreparable damage to eco-systems .

- Activates an oxidation process that acts as a powerful catalyst for surfactants.

- Using a technology that is anti-fungal and antibacterial.

- Using an ionic accelerator contained within it, Ècomodo transforms limestone (or calcium carbonate) into aragonite. Aragonite, unlike limestone that remains encrusted in the washing machine and fabrics, has the characteristic of remaining in suspension and being completely discharged with the outflow of water.

- It does not damage the washing machine, bringing it back to its operating state at a level of descaling from mold and bad smells similar to the first use.

- It is equipped with three different disinfection processes.

- Reduces the risk of domestic accidents caused by the possession of cleaning chemicals, as they are not purchased.

Ècomodo is an ecological and innovative solution that disinfects the laundry by acting deeply and in a completely natural way thanks to the combined action of Silver Ions, UV rays and Active Oxygen. These 3 elements used in synergy exert a strengthened disinfectant action with a broad spectrum of action.

- Silver Ion probe: The power of this precious metal, Silver, is to keep microbes, fungi and bad odors away. In fact, thanks to the probe placed inside Ècomodo it is possible to release Silver Ions. The latter interacting with the passage of water produce hydroxyl radicals which further strengthen the disinfectant effect. Furthermore, thanks to the disinfectant power, the clothes left in the basket are prevented from emitting the classic stale and foul-smelling smell.

- UV probe: Ultraviolet rays represent one of the most comfortable and effective means for disinfecting water. Thanks to the physical principle, on which the germicidal power of U.V. rays is based, they act only where needed, without generating harmful by-products. UV-C light is lethal to any microorganism (bacteria, viruses, molds, algae, etc.); for this reason the water coming out of a UV-C sterilizer is microbiologically stable, without the danger of overdosing.

- Active Oxygen Generator: Active oxygen decomposes in water forming oxygen and monoatomic oxygen which reacts rapidly with the organic substance, such as dirt trapped between the fibers of the fabrics. It leaves no residues, no toxins, no smells, no flavors. It is extremely effective in eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds and spores.

Technical details
Input voltage: 100-240 Vac
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Output voltage: 12V 3A
Ozonation: 0.5-1.0 mg/liter
Pressure: 2-4 bar
Sizes (mm): 453 x 270 x 86.5
Weight: 5 Kg

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