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RO CONTROL HOME 230V control unit controller


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RO CONTROL HOME 230V control unit controller for generic reverse osmosis systems and Silverbox Up PLUS

Multicontroller control unit for reverse osmosis systems and purifiers for domestic use.

rev. model 2020.03.PRMIN.15min

The RO CONTROL HOME control unit powered by 230-220V manages various inputs and outputs, with acoustic signaling of any errors and alerts.

**Cables and anti-flooding sensor not included

This unit has been tested and supplied in good condition.

This instruction manual contains information and warnings that must be respected by the user (in order to maintain the warranty) to ensure safe operation of the unit.

The electronic panel in question was developed for the control of a domestic osmosis system.

It features protection against flooding.

There is no display and errors are described by a buzzer which will emit beeps according to the problem detected.

--> Suitable spare part for Silverbox Up PLUS systems

Control unit outputs and inputs:

- minimum pressure switch connection

- inlet solenoid valve connection (function in case of water shortage) with delayed start.

- maximum pressure switch connection

- anti-flooding probe plate connection

- 220V pump connection

Technical features

POWER SUPPLY 230 Vac, 50 Hz

MIN temperature: +5°C

MAX temperature:+41°C

MIN relative humidity: 50% at a temperature of 40°C

MAX relative humidity: 90% at a temperature of 20°C

Electrical protection Fuse


- Anti-flooding probe

- MAX Output pressure switch

- MIN Inlet pressure switch


- Pump 1kw max

- Solenoid valve (230Vac) Input

Electric connections:

1-2: 220V board power supply

2-3: 220V solenoid valve input

2-4: 220V pump

5-6: Anti-flooding probe

7-9: Maximum pressure switch (Output)

8-9: Minimum pressure switch (Input)


The commissioning of the equipment must be carried out by qualified personnel.

The connection operations to the various parts that complete the equipment must be carried out respecting the connections reported in the relevant paragraph.


- The control unit checks, through its probe, whether water leaks occur; then

closes the solenoid valve and turns off the pump. To restart:

1. Turn off the control unit

2. Eliminate the cause that caused the water leak

3. Dry the probe

4. Power the control unit

- When the pressure switch opens (therefore detects water supply) the control unit opens the inlet solenoid valve, ensures that there is water inlet and after a few moments the pump starts.

- When the pressure switch closes the pump turns off and at the same time the solenoid valve closes

- If the control unit remains on standby for more than 9 hours, an automatic flushing takes place lasting 20 seconds, in fact it opens the inlet solenoid valve and carries out the washing with the pump off.

- The control unit also controls the presence of incoming water through the use of the minimum pressure switch to prevent the pump from being damaged by starting without water.

The switching on and opening of the machine is therefore delayed by approximately 1 second. to make sure there is water entering. If the machine goes into protection due to lack of water, to restart:

1. Turn off the control unit

2. Understand why there is no incoming water and restore

3. Power the control unit

- If the pump remains on for more than 15 minutes, therefore the delivery continues over time, the control unit protects the system, avoiding overheating and shutting down the machine.

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