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Klima 7 with towel bar Anthracite grey Radiator Digital Dual Therm Radialight 750W KLI70104

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Cooler from the simple and elegant design, slim, to show off to your guests as a design element that makes your home beautiful.

Electronic technology that through a LCD display allows you to select the temperature you want with absolute precision.

A gentle warmth that envelops you and suffused with a feeling of great wealth. This is KLIMA, an electric radiator soft heater incorporating the unique Radialight DUAL THERM technology: two different heating systems integrated in a single device.

The radiation and joined the Convention together and managed by the electronic control integrated in the product will give you a feeling of pleasant and warm embrace.
The temperature regulation

Through the easy to use keypad, KLIMA allows you to adjust the temperature of your room to the tenth of a degree, with great precision, maintaining constant in time the comfort you desire.

The room temperature that you have set is always displayed on the display that illuminates the back of the crush tastim and at the same time you can also check the actual temperature of the room at a given time
power saving mode

Radialight technology incorporates KLIMA everything you need to optimize your energy consumption:

The weekly programming, easy and practical, with 3 pre-set programs according to your lifestyle: a living map, one for offices and one for the holidays houses inhabited during the weekend.

A presence detector that fits the radiator at your own pace, reducing slightly and automatically the temperature of the room if not occupied.

The safety function in case of opening of a window, which makes the radiator on stand-by in case you forget the windows open to prevent waste.

An indicator of consumption, showing you whether the temperature you have set you are doing to consume too much electricity.
But what consumes KLIMA?

How many times have you made this question and no one has been able to give you an answer?

KLIMA With this you will always have on hand information.

In fact anytime you can know exactly what was the electricity consumption in the last 24 hours or the past week by simply pressing a button.

KLIMA is available in 5 versions and in 2 colors (White or Anthracite Gray)

KLIMA 7 750W with or without towel Bar

Ideal for rooms up to 6-9 m²
230V Power: 750W
Sizes cm: (width) x 67.5 (Height) x 50.4 (Depth) 12

KLIMA 10 1000W

Ideal for rooms up to 9.12 m²
230V Power: 1000W
Sizes cm: (width) x 79 (height) x 50.4 (Depth) 12

KLIMA 15 1500W

Ideal for rooms up to 13-18 m²
230V Power: 1500W
Sizes cm: (width) x 101 (height) x 50.4 (Depth) 12

KLIMA 20 2000W

Ideal for rooms up to 17-25 m²
230V Power: 2000W
Sizes cm: (width) x 124 (height) x 50.4 (Depth) 12

Data sheet

Power W
Heating type
Dual Therm
Panel surface
IP Protection Degree
Heated area sqm
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