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    ANTIMASKING outdoor sensor with Sicurit digital detection technology INF012EXT


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    INF012EXT is the best sensor that can be found on the market in the security sector, for civil and industrial use for internal and external perimeter protection. Use different technological solutions to detect intrusions. Intrusion detection takes place through the combined action of passive infrared (PIR) sensors and the microwave. The combined action of the sensors mentioned above, the active anti-masking infrared sensors and the inertial sensor allows an effective and complete protection against intrusion attempts and burglary to be obtained, allowing the best solution in a wide range of installations. Furthermore the device is weather resistant and made with a refined design. This type of detection allows maximum safety to be achieved in particular applications, especially in industrial environments or in any case in difficult environmental conditions, minimizing the possibility of improper alarms due to environmental, atmospheric or other factors. In fact, the sensor can also be set up to ignore the presence of pets within the protected area.

    Dimensional square detection
    Synchronized infrared sensors detect a thermal image in three dimensions of the protected area. Adding the detection carried out by the microwave we obtain a fourth dimension that can be analyzed by performing a scan of the area under protection, reliable and immune to unwanted alarms.
    The use of this detection technique allows obtaining a high level of regulation and sensitivity for both technologies without being forced to use a pulse counter.

    Technical specifications

        Two infrared sensors (PIR)
        Microwave sensor
        Immune to animals
        Water resistant and all weather conditions
        Frontal anti-masking via active infrared
        Inertial sensor for protection against vandalism
        Anti-opening sensor (TAMPER)
        Managed by a microprocessor
        Selection of the sensitivity of the double infrared sensor
        Microwave sensitivity adjustment
        Selectable alarm AND / OR
        Alarm memory enable input
        120 ° horizontal detection
        Power supply: 12V DC
        Current consumption: 40mA (Max.)
        Alarm relay contacts: 24Vdc / 0.25A
        Anti-masking output contacts: 24Vdc / 0.1A
        Tamper output contacts: 24Vdc / 0.1A
        Entry time: 2 minutes
        Alarm relay activation time: 2 Sec.
        Masking response time: 2 Minutes (Max.)
        Anti-masking alarm time: 2 Sec. (Min)
        Detection distance: 14 mt. / 120 °
        Operating temperature: (-) 20 ° ~ (+) 70 ° C


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