Sicurit ABS central control unit with 8 expandable zones to 104 CEGABS104


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Maintaining the most advanced features - such as home automation functions, system control through the APP, push notifications on the mobile phone and keyboard connection, the Grade 3 Certification makes ABS SICURIT series control units even more performing. The ABS SICURIT series offers powerful new features, such as the Triple Balancing and Super-user privileges, and meets the requirements of European regulation EN30151 to ensure even higher safety levels.

Salient features

    Triple Balancing
    Super-user privileges for complete system management
    Optional GSM / GPRS and IP card
    8 areas on board
    USB port for PC programming
    Keyboard management
    Home automation functions
    ABS App for remote control of the system
    Push notifications on smartphone
    Fully programmable outputs: polarity, time, oscillation and event triggers
    Phonebook with 32 numbers and 32 email addresses
    Integrated voice communicator with 20 minutes of voice recording for each event / action
    Telephone voice guidance
    Fully customizable digital communicator
    4 quick entry methods available
    Event logger with 2000 events
    Maximum number of zones: 104
    User codes / tags / installer codes: 127/250/2
    Maximum number of keyboards: 16
    Maximum number of key readers: 16
    Number of areas: 16
    Maximum number of exits: 50
    Container size: 380 x 460 x 110 (b x h x p)
    5 A power supply


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