Sicurit COMPACT 8 zone electronic control unit CEN2820MCP


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The COMPACT control unit has 8 zones available and an on-board electronic key reader. This control unit can connect up to a maximum of 8 readers for proximity keys to manage the control unit. The readers are connected to the control panel via a 4-wire parallel bus. The partitioning groups make the COMPACT control unit very flexible in managing the exclusions of some areas of the plant. Four groups of zones can be defined, two of these are managed directly by an electronic key, while the other two (called external) can be managed through appropriate terminals on the board. Programming takes place directly on the control panel panel with a simple programming template. The control unit is supplied with 2 proximity keys while the readers are available as accessories.

    Control unit with electronic key reader on the panel.
    8 fully programmable entry zones (Immediate, Delayed, Route, 24h, Fire / Panic, Balanced, Double Balancing, Nc, Na, Bell, Test, Excludable).
    1 24h anti-sabotage signaling line.
    1 programmable alarm relay.
    1 alarm output for telephone warning device.
    1 programmable output.
    Input for arming / disarming.
    Self-powered siren battery control input.
    Power supply for fire sensors.
    Possibility to connect up to 8 proximity key readers for insertion and partitioning
    4 groups of zones to manage system partitions.
    5 user codes with 4 or 5 digits with different permissions.
    Installer code for programming the control panel parameters.
    Possibility of exclusion for patrol passage with automatic reinclusion.
    Front panel programming.
    1.5 A battery charger power supply.
    Housing for 6 A / hr battery.
    Central dimensions 308 x 232 x 85 mm;


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