Water Softener ALCHEMY 28 LT GDS

Water Softener ALCHEMY 28 LT GDS


Sweet Home Spa Beauty & Wellness

With the new fresh water formula enriched potassium.

Relax in a warm rejuvenating bath. Dissolve the tension of swollen feet and helps your circulation with a sweet, enveloping footbath. Through its astringent properties tones the skin.

Give her shine and smoothness, along with nourishing hair and making it supple through the natural drainage of fluids.

double saving

Lower doses of detergents. No fabric softener or lime.

Heads new colors by shining longer. No use of balms and body creams. This is the savings that we Alchemy reserve, to which are added management costs minimized, appliances for hot water and heating with life and higher performance for a guaranteed energy saving.

Security and simplicity

Alchemy allows you d i eliminating the use of chemical agents such as anti-scale and decreasing d detergents serving mainly to soften the water. You'll have the security of pure water through electronic management, innovative and easy to use.

environmental sustainability

You will have respect for the environment and yourself with a system that reduces and eliminates the use of chemical agents, making your home eco-friendly and environmentally friendly as well as economic: discover, in fact, it is possible to take advantage of tax deductions household water treatment.


average regenerative consumption: Min 2 Kg. =
Apartments: 3 Max n. 10 people
Max Hardness: PERMITTED 90 ° F
SYSTEM Regeneration: Static Volume with forcing to 4 days
Management System: Electronic Automatic
Voltage and consumption: 220/230 Volt - 50Hz - 5W
G.D.S. (General Disinfection System): Disinfection System Resins
operating pressure: 2-7 bar
Dimensions: L 320 x W 500 x H 1140 mm

Processing time: approx 7 days from the order.

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| 09/21/2018

Consigliato dall'installatore prima, mi sento, dopo averlo provato, di consigliarlo a mia volta.

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