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Kit VMC HR 100 + command module + pro terminal

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The Kit includes:
1 Quantum HR 100 Point-of-flow (decentralized) VMC unit with alternating flow with heat recovery
1 External terminal PRO
1 Remote control (wall) module for multi-speed VMC

Description VMC HR100

: 25/15/10 cubic meters now

CONSUMPTION: 2,6 / 1,7 / 1,2 Watt
SOUND PRESSURE: 29/15/10 dB (A)
ROOM TEMPERATURE: -20 ° + 50 °
- 220-240 V ~ 50Hz
- Air performance measured according to ISO 5801 at 230V 50Hz, density
air 1.2 kg / m3
- Data measured in accredited laboratory of TÜV Rheinland Aerauliqa
- Sound pressure level at 3m free field
- Products certified by TÜV Rheinland

The VMC unit single alternating flow with heat recovery QUANTUM HR 100 Aerauliqa (controlled mechanical ventilation) which placed in the living room or bedroom, but also in the bathroom and kitchen, arrange for the exchange of air in a synchronized manner, alternating flows every 70 seconds
The QUANTUM Line HR 100 has a very low power consumption, only a few watts.

The VMC unit to single alternating flow with heat recovery QUANTUM HR 100 Aerauliqa allow a recovery of the heat during the winter period of up to 90%;
Easy to install in both new construction and existing homes.

The VMC unit single alternating flow with heat recovery QUANTUM HR 100 Aerauliqa are an excellent solution to solve condensation problems of mold and indoor air pollution.
Developed and designed with special attention to the installation and maintenance operations also over products already on the market, with the aim of simplifying these activities to the user.

EC motor with very low energy consumption, equipped with thermal protection. Designed for continuous operation and reversible.

Regenerative heat exchanger with a ceramic package, with very high thermal efficiency (up to 90%).

Telescopic pipe adaptable to the thickness of the perimeter wall.

Front-cover Removable inner elegant design and minimalist lines.

Multi-speed: possibility to choose the operating speed between 3 different options.

simplified synchronization of the unit, to be installed in pairs.

extremely easy maintenance, including cleaning of the exchanger unit.

Wide range of accessories: the humidistat for controlling the humidity level, very useful sensor to match the QUANTUM Unit HR 100 VMC Aerauliqa system; CO2 sensor to match the unit QUANTUM HR 100 VMC Aerauliqa system to activate mechanical ventilation just past the threshold of attention set.

The units of VMC Aerauliqa consent improved energy class of your home and then they increase the value !!


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