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    TETHELMET Smart helmet with built-in Sicurit thermal scanner


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    TETHELMET is an intelligent helmet with built-in thermoscanner capable of controlling up to 200 people per minute. It allows agents and law enforcement officers to monitor the body temperature of 13 people simultaneously.

    This helmet has achieved significant success in China and will now be launched internationally. It has controlled the temperature to over 80 million people to date and shows an accuracy of more than 96%. There can be many fields of application, from hospitals to airports, from public parks to bars and restaurants.

    Mode 1: Single-person temperature measurement mode
    The temperature of the single target in the center of the screen will be measured. The maximum temperature of different parts of the body is displayed on the AR module. The temperature above the normal range will trigger an audible and visul alarm.

    Mode 2 : Large-crowd temperature measurement mode
    The temperature of the forehead, collar, arm, and other body parts exposed in the screen will be measured. The system will display the temperature if any parts in the screen falls into the preset temperature range. The alarm will trigger when any part of the temperature goes above the threshold value.

    Mode 3: QR code mode
    Scan the QR code to automatically record personal temperature info into the database in real time, allowing paperless data logging.

    Mode 4: QR code & temperature measurement mode
    Scan the QR code to acquire the personal information first, and take a temperature measurement of the person within 3 seconds. The personal information and the corresponding temperature will be automatically recorded into database. This will implement paperless registration of the personal information and the corresponding temperature.

    Mode 5: Thermografic diagnostic imaging mode
    Thermal imaging detection on specific part of the human body to assist finding the location and size of the lesion areas that cause fever.

    Mode 6: Face recognition mode
    The face of target in the screen is recognized and the personal information will be displayed on the AR display. This mode is applicable for enterprises and institutions to manage heri black and white lists of emplouyees and visitors.

    Scenario 1: Hospital
    Early detection of the fever patients wich the quick unaware and contactless temperature measurement and paperless registration to avoid the viral cross-transmission between healthcare professional and potential fever patients.

    Scenario 2: Office buildings
    Quick unaware and contactless temperature measurement and paperless registration to distinguish potential patients from other employees in a very short time.

    Scenario 3: Checkpoints
    With the build-in unaware and contactless thermometer, checkpoints for screening patients can be speed up dramatically.

    Scenario 4: Central business district
    Quick unaware and contactless temperature measurement and paperless registration to distinguish potential patients from other customers in a very short time.

    Feature 1: Helmet body
    Advance stab-proof metamaterial with energy-absorbing design and ultimate weight reduction
    115g (0,25 lb) helmet shell weight
    1080g (2,38 lbs) total weight

    Feature 2: Helmet goggles
    Same manufacturing process as helmet goggles for pilots.
    Advaced photochromic material with multiple protection
    All-time capability with lighting conditions self-adaption
    Prevent hig-speed impact of 6mm (0,236 inch) steel ball at 200 m/s (656,2 ft./s) without rupture or penetration

    Feature 3: AR display
    High standard array optical waveguide AR technology, 24/7 new visual experience (as watching 74-inch TV from 118,1 inch  (3m) away
    fied of view: 35°
    No dark corner, blind spot or sens of oppression
    Resolution: 1280x720
    Rated brightness: 300 nits

    Feature 4: Communication
    Advance metamaterial technology with strong signal, low power consumption and ultra-low radiation
    conformal antenna 8-in-1
    Specific Absorption Rate
    SAR < 0,05W/Kg (0,023 W/lb)
    only 1/20 of mobile phone radiation

    Feature 5: Infrared Therma Imaging
    High accurancy quick unaware and contactless temperature measurement
    Efficiency: 200 people/min
    Range: -20°C (-4°F) to 120°C (248°F)
    Accuracy: ± 0,3°C
    Resolution: 384x288

    Feature 6: Design of gravity center balancing
    Refer to the balance design of aircraft gravity center.
    Avoid the formation of cantilever structure in working state, so as to protect the neck to the greatest extent and improve wearing comfort.
    The range of the gravity center:
    c.g.diagram < 5 mm (0,197 inch)

    Feature 7: Battery capacity
    No less than 5000 mAh
    Standby time: 24h
    Temperature measurement mode: 8h (in most cases, we can turn off the AR screen with one key to reduce power comsuption where there is no target for temperature measurement and the measured endurance can reach 8 hours. In the continuous temperature measurement mode, the endurance is approx 5 hours.

    - Modified Lycra fabric
    - High ability to mold to the head.
    - Super stretch and shape, retention for extra flexibility.
    - All-day comfort and lasting fit.
    - High-grade soft and durable lamb suede.  
    - Military nylon laces with high strenght.
    - Safety magnetic suction buckle can be opened quickly and effortlessly with just one hand.

    Basic Information
    Processor: ARM Cortex A53 octa-core 2.5Ghz
    Operating System: Android 8.1
    RAM: DDR 4GB
    Memory: eMMC 64GB
    Weight: 1080 ±10g (2,38±0,022lb)

    AR display module
    Display: Array type optical waveguide display
    Resolution: 1280x720
    Field of view: 35°
    Virtual screen size: Equivalent to watching
    Rated brightness: 300 nits

    Infrared Thermal Imaging Module
    Resolution: 384x288
    Response Band: 8µm  ~ 14µm
    Image frequency-frame: 25 Hz
    Temperature measurement range: -20°C~120°C (-4°F~248°F)
    Temperature measurement accuracy: +0,3°C within the spec, field range (2m by default)

    Visible light camera module
    Maximum Pixels: 1.3 megapixels
    Maximum aperture: F2.0
    Field of view: 78°
    Video Resolution: 1080@30fps

    Data Communication Module
    Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz
    Bluetooth: BT 4.2, backward compatible with 3_0, 2-1, supporting BLE

    Battery Module
    Capacity: 5000mAh
    Voltage: DC 3.7~4.2 V
    Charging Voltage: DC 5.0V ± 5%
    Quick Charge: Supporting 2A fast charging

    Protective Performance
    Absorbing Collision Energy: RF electromagnetic field radiated susceptibility
    Penetration Resistance: Complying with the requirements of penetration resistance test in GA 296-2001
    Specific Absorption Rate: SAR < 0.05 W/Kg (0.023 W/lb)
    ESD Anti-Interference:  Complying with the requirements of ESD anti-interference in GB/T 17626.2-2006
    RF Electromagnetic field radiated susceptibility: Complying with the requirements of ESD anti-interference in GB/T 17626.2-2006

    Product available in approx 14 working days from the order


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