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Everpure 2DC Filter (New AC2) 2.840 Liters 0.5 MCR Bacterial Control

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Features of the Everpure 2DC EV9591 06 filter

Activated carbon filter with Pre-coat technology, i.e. activated carbon in powder form on a membrane with a micrometric mesh < 0.5 µ.

Removes Particulate, Chlorine and its derivatives; it is excellent in improving the organoleptic characteristics of drinking water. It guarantees protection from the development of bacterial load thanks to the presence of silver ions. The release is minimal and constant over time, guaranteed and certified by the NSF mark and DM174/2004.

silver ions

Everpure 2DC EV9591 06 filters are approved in Italy and in the USA according to very stringent standards. The release of silver ions by the Everpure 2DC filter is extremely calibrated: even after a prolonged standstill the amount of silver in the solution is a few ppm (part per million) sufficient to prevent the development of microorganisms, but such as not to present no health risk even for the most sensitive people.

Impregnating the carbon with a mixture of substances that allow a continuous, constant and controlled release of silver ions (at the level of parts per million) requires cutting-edge technology. To ensure high quality standards, Everpure relies on the market leader Agion, which offers blends tested and verified by EPA laboratories.


The Everpure 2DC cartridge finds ample space in the domestic sector, especially where refrigeration and carbonation systems are present. In fact, the bacteriostatic function is not limited to the filter alone, but protects the pipes downstream of the filter itself. The EV9591-06 filter is recommended where the use of the system is discontinuous, i.e. where the appliance is stopped for prolonged periods, with the relative risk of microbial growth.

The Everpure 2DC filter must work in an upright position, it cannot be laid down. It is recommended to replace it within the times and in the volume of treated water indicated by the manufacturer.

Original spare part directly from the USA, shipping times 24 hours.

Some systems that use the Everpure 2DC filter: Ninms,Luxury Water machines, TOP TAP, Asset, Cosmetal,Jet WG, NTS, Kosmologik and many others.

Everpure filters will keep for several years if kept in the original packaging in a dry place away from heat sources (up to 5 years).


Attention!! The color of the label has changed!

Older Everpure 2DC EV9591 06 models had a deep blue and white label applied to the filter. The new filters have the writing bearing the model "AC2" stamped in orange on the cartridge. There are still filters with the old coloring on the market, because some companies have yet to run out of old stocks.

Note: Being a food grade product, it will arrive sealed in a clear vacuum bag. It is possible to check the dimensions of the connections without having to unpack the filter. If you have purchased the filter with the wrong measurements, it is essential not to tear the bag. Otherwise we will NOT be able to proceed with the replacement or return. Any shipping costs for the return of the product purchased by mistake will still be at your expense.


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