Smoke Safety Safe by radio PowerG and PIR FAB100WIR


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Smoke gas for environments up to 100 cubic meters.

Low absorption models, interfacing with PowerG Radio Systems with PIR integrated.

Entrance N.A. Instant or delayed activation robber of a few seconds.
Entrance N.C. of Installed System.
Entrance N.C. Alarm with instant or delayed activation of a few seconds.

PIR sensor incorporated in the bottom / bracket of the product.
PIR at 90 °, detection about 5 meters.

Internal self-diagnostics for complete simulation of the electronic operation of the board.

Priming of the cylinder by open contact. It does not induce parasitic currents that could cause occasional and unwanted activations due to increases in ambient temperature.

The cylinder containing the smoke can easily be replaced in the case of an event activation.

Allows you to fill a volume of 100 cubic meters in about 40 seconds.

The activation of the smoke-generating cylinder can take place in the following modes of your choice
a) By means of Rapid button with direct activation, with instant or delayed selection of some
b) By alarm from central alarm contact (instantaneous or delayed)
c) By remote control from the monitoring center.

Wall bracket with joint included.

Refill bottles according to EN50131-13 containing substances compliant with REACH n. 1907/2006

Dimensions: 87 x 228 mm (d x p)

Weight: about 1Kg.


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