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The fog protection SICURIT FOG is designed to be used both in permanent installations, as part of an alarm system, or as a standalone device.

It is one of the most advanced systems currently available fog cannons and is ideal for any type of application since it can also be installed horizontally, for example in ceilings. The unique technology allows effective delivery to the boiler with rapid saturation of the spaces to be protected, by exploiting 100% of the charging fluid.

For your security you choose SICURIT FOG.


Technical features

• Activation programmable from 5 to 60 seconds.

• Warm-up time: about 20 minutes

• speed: 10m3 / sec.

• Total capacity for a single shot: 700 m3

• Total emissions with a capacity of 1000 ml bag .: 8 shots from 60/2

• Guaranteed 5 years

• Redundant Protection against overheating in critical situations

• Minimum one hour of operation without power

• Standby mode for saving energy

• Available with IP interface

• Supports automatic reactivation via screen-sensor technology

• Operating Temperature: -10ºC to 50ºC

• Backup battery 12Vdc

• 5 inputs and 3 outputs

• LCD display and event report

• Construction: Robust and compact steel case

• Consumption: 1000W heating - standby 60W

• Compliance: EN50131: 8 and IEC62642: 8

• CNPP Rating: Class I Category 30

• Fluids: glycol / glycerin in a plastic container (1000 ml.)

• Dimensions: 46.5 (H) x * 13 (D) x 31 (W) cm * 0.5cm add for legs

• Weight: 14 kg (pre-installed), 17 kg (installed)


New product


| 09/18/2018

Strumento utilissimo da integrare all'impianto di allarme. Adesso avverto una sicurezza maggiore. Consigliato


| 07/08/2018

Dopo ben 2 furti con spaccata nel solo 2018 con oltre al danno della vetrata anche la razzia dei capi di abbigliamento più pregiati, ho deciso di insfallare questo prodotto. Neanche a saperlo, nuova spaccata ma questa volta i delinquenti non hanno avuto tempo e modo di rubare la merce più di valore a causa dell'azzerata visibilità. Prodotto fantastico. Ringrazio il sig. Barbagallo per la cortesia e competenza.

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