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The features and technologies applied in this detector certainly position it as a leader in the volumetric sensor market. These are some of the main technological features and its advantages:
Circular shaped lenses with nine cylindrical sections constitute "10 impenetrable curtains" which improve the coverage and sensitivity of the entire covered area.
Multiple crawling beams (five) to improve the detection under the sensor.
Effective volumetric detection, with multiple curtain coverage by adopting a new 3D optical system (patented) that clearly improves detection sensitivity and immunity against false alarms in the protected area.
Simple installation without optical adjustments.
Superior protection from the interference of false alarms due to white light, complying with the new international standard.
Lenses produced with new material (patented) to avoid loss of detection sensitivity even in environmental conditions with high presence of UV rays.
Digital processing of the DSP frequency (patented) based on a sampling signal of 1 million times per second which increases the detection sensitivity and increases immunity from false alarms.
Product reliability through the use of a Solid State Relay.


    Flow rate: max 15 m, 90 °
    Power supply: lithium batteries
    Relay output: NC
    LED for the WALK-TEST
    Bundle counter: 1 or 2 selectable
    Operating temperature: from -10 ° to 50 ° C; from 0 to 40¬? C for IMQ
    Dimensions: 63.5 x 94.5 x 49 mm
    Weight: 50 g


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| 05/10/2019

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