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Osmosis Purifier Direct Production 60 L / H Silverbox Eco

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Reverse osmosis SILVERBOX ECO - MADE IN ITALY produces 60 liters / hour of mineral mineral water.

SilverBox is the best under-base Reverse Osmosis system that produces up to 60 L / h of mineral water in an instant and in all SAFETY.
The SilverBox ECO reverse osmosis system is manufactured with the highest quality and certified materials.
With SilverBox ECO you can adjust your rate of mineral salts to be released into the water. You will choose the characteristics of the water you want to drink!

Efficiency and guarantee of a Made in Italy product at the right price!

The characteristics of the SilverBox reverse osmosis system:
- Direct production up to 60 Lt / h
- No accumulation and stagnation of water
- Silent
- Space-saving, you can install it under the skirting of your kitchen

It's only 10cm tall !!
Thanks to its small size and unique design, the SilverBox reverse osmosis system can be installed under the plinth of your kitchen.

We are also careful about waste!
Its anti-waste technology recovers 20% of the water discarded.

Installs in 20 minutes. Made of box in white painted sheet, its small size and structure have been specifically designed to be placed in the kitchen under-base so as not to steal space under the sink.

The plant is equipped with:
- A high flow 24V booster pump that allows a direct hourly production up to 60 L / h.
- 12 "in-line activated carbon filter
- 12 "in-line sediment filter
- No. 2 reverse osmosis membranes of 100GPD each.

In the event of a water shortage, the pump stops automatically, thus avoiding faults.
The SilverBox reverse osmosis system is completely automatic and water is drawn off.




The system will be equipped with everything necessary for installation.
It is included in the installation and commissioning kit which includes: water inlet 1/2 "x 1/2" with diverter for 3/8 "pipe, outlet bracket for drain, standard Long Reach tap for removing treated water, Inlet - outlet and production piping of 1.5m each.

Technical features:
- Electric consumption: 48W
- Overall dimensions: 43 cm (prof.) X 43 cm (width) x 10 cm (height)
- Hourly production: up to 60LT / h
- Input pipe diameter: 3/8 "
- Drainage Pipe Diameter: 1/4 "
- Production pipe diameter: 1/4 "
- Weight: 10 Kg

What is included in the package?
+ Installation kit
+ 1.5 m of 3/8 "black entry pipe
+ 1.5 m of 1/4 "red exhaust pipe
+ 1.5 m of 1/4 "blue production tube
+ LONGREACH tap for dispensing purified water
+ Outlet water tap with tap
+ Bracket socket for pipe connection to the drain
+ Teflon
+ Assembly instructions in Italian
+ Instruction and maintenance manual in Italian

Assistance and warranty.

What are the differences with another normal reverse osmosis system?
1. no water accumulation, take all the water you want without limits and instantly.
2. Small size for the location even below the socket
3. High quality materials

Why buy the SilverBox water purification system:
1. Comfort: Heavy bottles? just a memory!
With the SilverBox reverse osmosis system for drinking water you no longer have to carry heavy bottles of mineral water from the supermarket to your home every week or worry about where to store them or dispose of the empty spaces. You can supply water directly from your tap and you will always know what you eat and drink. Just unnecessary efforts, start drinking whenever you want.
What is more comfortable than a pure and safe water source available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
2. SAVINGS: The more you drink, the more you save!
The water you have available every day at home has an average cost of about € 2.00 per 1000 liters of water. How much does bottled water cost you? But savings don't stop there! How many times have you had to take the car to go to the mall or to the nearest fountain or water house?
With SilverBox you can deliver all the mineral water you want directly to your home without having to move to buy it. KM water Ø!
3. ENVIRONMENT: Less Environmental Impact
According to WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) estimates, the bottled mineral water industry consumes about 1.5 million tons of plastic a year, most of which are not properly recycled by ending up in landfills or in the environment.
By choosing the SilverBox reverse osmosis system you help the environment, reduce the use of plastic and oil for transport.


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