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Purifier Water Reverse osmosis 5 stages 1.3 l / min

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Reverse Osmosis Plant with direct production 500GPD
Reverse osmosis purifier for the production of drinking water directly for domestic use.

It is a latest generation purifier, with an elegant design and simple and intuitive use.
It produces up to 1.3 liters of drinking water per minute directly and without any accumulation of water, which means that in less than a minute the 1L glass bottle can be filled.

Plastic structure with side doors for opening and maintaining the system.
The kit included in the system is complete with everything needed for the under-sink installation and commissioning. (* FILTERS INCLUDED)

Composed of 5 stages of filtration with fast bayonet-type cartridges, maintenance is child's play, the filters will have to be rotated and released from their head and the new ones put back in the same way.
This operation can also be performed by inexperienced personnel and will allow you to save on maintenance costs.

The 5 filtration stages of the reverse osmosis system
1 stage: PP quick sediment filter
2 stage: activated carbon granule GAC filter
3 stage: CTO carbon filter
4 stage: 2 high capacity NSF certified reverse osmosis membranes RO
5 stage: T33 granular activated carbon filter

- Easy installation and operation
- 5-stage filtration system - PP-GAC-CTO-RO-T33
- No storage tank, produces directly up to 1.3 l / m.
- Interchangeable cartridges with rapid bayonet coupling

Technical specifications:
- Filter replacement: every 6 months
- Membrane replacement: every 2-3 years
- Pure water flow 1.3 liters / min.
- Filter size: 39 × 18.5 × 45.5 cm
- Power supply: 220V, 50 ~ 60Hz booster pump 1.5A ~ 1.7A, 24V adapter
- Working pressure 100 psi - 125 psi

What the kit includes:
Compact box with filter elements and ready-to-use piping system;
Drinking water tap, sink or separate bracket attachment;
Quick water connection kit;
Instructions for use and installation.


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