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Radiator Dual Therm Plano 65

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PLANO is a line of gentle heat panels Radialight® The pure, essential, Ultra-flat. All the comfort of a modern home in only 5 cm thick. PLANO is an electric radiator soft heater that incorporates DUAL THERM technology: two different heating systems integrated into a single device. PLANO guarantees continuous, even emission of heat, creating a pleasant and cozy feeling, with no drafts or circulating air perceived distinctly.

The heating technology contained in PLANO is based on a dual heating system: an aluminum element, which allows you to quickly reach the desired comfort in the room and at the same time to react promptly to changes in temperature and a radiant element, which ensures the front surface constant and homogeneous transmission of heat by radiation.

Plano, no longer produced, is available in 3 versions (while supplies last):

Plano 45, 500 W SOLD OUT

Plano 65, 800 W (rooms up to 11-13 square meters);

Plano 95, 1300 W SOLD OUT

The combination of two heating systems allows to heat the room in a very short time, in addition to ensuring a uniform and constant heat, creating a pleasant feeling enveloping and avoiding any annoying current or air circulation. This is also useful to prevent continuous adjustment of the thermostat causing excessive energy consumption.


The heat spreads quickly and is kept constant thanks to the precision of the DUAL THERM technology
constant temperature conditions of climatic changes
Personalized heating in every room of the house to minimize power consumption
lightweight radiator for easy installation

Each individual radiator is equipped with a hi-tech electronic control system for a precise adjustment of the room temperature in each room. A simple control provided with a selector that lets you choose between five operating modes. Also it can be programmed via the infrared remote control ZEFIRO.

Program the operation of the radiators PLANO range can be programmed to automatically adjust the temperature of each room to the rhythm of life of the occupants, any time of day, seven days a week 7. The programmer ZEFIRO (optional) allows you to program each PLANO or DEKO installed in the house: one remote to program each individual radiator. Program the operation of the heating system is essential to obtain a real saving on the electricity bill. heating technologies PLANO and DEKO soft heating radiators integrate 2 different heating technologies in one product: - An element in aluminum for the convection - A front surface irradiation


The combination of 2 heating elements allows to heat the room in a very short time, in addition to keep the temperature homogenous and constant: a sensor detects the room temperature and its changes every 30 seconds so as to automatically regulate the distribution of power to the 2 resistors to maintain the temperature selected with variations of less than 0.5 ° C even in case of weather changes in the external environment.


Such performance can be guaranteed only if the following conditions are met:

The front surface temperature of PLANO and DEKO radiators must be constant over time
The front surface of the product is not too high (below 70 ° K) to release heat constantly
The temperature is uniform over the entire front surface

Thanks to these features, PLANO and DEKO are capable of ensuring a uniform and constant heat creating a pleasant wrap-around sensation and avoiding any annoying current or air circulation. This also to prevent continuous adjustment of the thermostat that cause excessive consumption of energy. No more traces of dust on the walls with a special ANTI-BUSH design.

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Model PLANO-65
White color
size 60x65x5
800W power
voltage 230V
Degree of Protection Class II - IP24
Heated surface about 16sqm


Data sheet

  • Height:
  • 60 cm
  • Width:
  • 65 cm
  • Depth:
  • 5 cm
  • Weight:
  • 13 kg
  • absorbed power:
  • 800 W
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Ottimo prodotto. Prezzo imbattibile


| 01/31/2019

Lo consiglio. Buono il prezzo. Riscalda abbastanza rapidamente la cameretta ed è silenzioso

Ottimo prezzo e prodotto

| 09/12/2018

Ne ho già acquistati 2 per la seconda casa e dopo averli provati ho approfittato del ribasso del prezzo per farne un comodissimo e graditissimo regalo a mia sorella. Caldo assicurato e prezzo ottimo.


| 08/01/2018

Thanks for this product. Good price, high performance and very easy to install.

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