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V-TAC Photovoltaic KIT 6 KW 15 Panels of 410Wp Inverter and LiFePO4 Battery 10.24 KWh


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V-TAC 6KW Photovoltaic KIT with 10.24 KWh Lithium Storage Battery and Single-Phase Hybrid Inverter with Accessories included and 15 Slim 410W Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panels

INVERTER Technical Specifications

SKU 11529

V-TAC branding

Degree of Protection IP65

Maximum AC power 6kW

Electrical system Single phase

5 Year Warranty


EAN 3800157696166

Can be ordered in multiples of 1pc

Unit of measure pcs

Technical Specifications ACCUMULATION BATTERY

SKU 11447

Family Code VT-10240

V-TAC branding

5 year guarantee

Battery capacity 10kWh

Battery Capacity (Ah) 200Ah

White color

Maximum current 100A

Operating Temperature -20°C to +70°C

Output current 100A

Rated voltage 51.2V

Usable energy 10kWh

Charge/discharge cycles >5000 at <0.5C

Charging voltage 57.6V-60V

Maximum charge current 100A

C rating charge 0.5C

Maximum discharge current 100A

C rating discharge 0.8C

Cut-off voltage 36V-48V

Continuous output power 5kW

Monthly loss <3%

Recommended temperature range 10℃-45℃


EAN 3800157692335

Can be ordered in multiples of 1pc

Unit of measure pcs

Weight 97.21Kg

Volume 0.2473m³

Dimensions (HxWxD) 600 x 520 x 190 mm

Pieces in box 4

PANELS Technical Specifications

SKU 11551

V-TAC branding

Degree of Protection IP68

Material Aluminum alloy and tempered glass

Silver colour

Operating Temperature -40 ~ +85°C

Thickness 30mm

Photovoltaic module power 410W

Packaging Set 6kW

Nominal Power 6.15kW

85% manufacturability guarantee in 25 years

Silver Slim version


EAN 3800157696111

Can be ordered in multiples of 1pc

Unit of measure pcs


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