Discover all the offers on our site

Discover all the offers on our site

Although the percentages of discount are visible in all our products, some of these products have additional discounts which, however, are visible only to registered customers. Other products also have the price (in addition to the relative discount) visible only to registered customers.

What does registration on the site involve?
Nothing. It is free and simple. Just enter your email address and a password that you will choose when registering.
Only if you want to proceed with an order, you will need to add your personal data as well as tax and shipping.

What are the advantages of registering on the site?
By logging in, you can access the complete offer reserved for private customers.

Even products with the "sign in and discover the offer" badge will show the actual discount for each product.
(In the case of timed discounts - countdown offer - timed discounts until the expiry of the temporary offer will apply
visible on this page -> LINK <-).

In addition, products with the "sign in to see price" stamp will also show their price.
However, if the word B2B is present in addition to the "sign in to see the price" sticker, the relative prices will only be visible to customers of Companies / Professionals / Resellers.
Private customers can still ask for a quote or by clicking on the relevant button, or by email, telephone, whatsapp.

Also keep in mind the content of the "Promotions" page
-> LINK <-, where some of our ongoing promotions are listed.

For example:
- 5% extra cash discount on the least expensive product in the cart (if there are 2 or more items) in the case of carts of at least 50 euros;
- free shipping (for private customers) throughout Italy (with the exception of Remote Zones) for carts of at least 300 euros.

This and much more, take advantage of it too!