Which electric heating to choose?

Site Owner | Dec 16th, 2020

When approaching an electric heating system, it is inevitable to ask yourself a series of questions: "Which heating system is right for me?" Among the available options, which one will weigh the least on your bill? And "how can I get a good level of...

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Star cameras by Sicurit

Site Owner | Nov 18th, 2020

ColorVu Technology: To see at night in color as during the day thanks to the SONY IMX307 chip that allows high color brightness even at night.

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Turnstiles - Doors Access control systems

Site Owner | Jun 19th, 2020

The turnstiles distributed by SICURIT are control systems that allow you to manage the entry and exit flows in private places and public.
Available in tripod, swing doors (Speed ​​Gate) and full height,...

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Professional Security Systems

Site Owner | May 27th, 2020

Protecting your loved ones and your assets, at home and in the company, has always been a priority for all of us. In a market that offers an ever wider range of offers with products from all over the world, it is...

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Discover all the offers on our site

Site Owner | May 21th, 2020

Although the percentages of discount are visible in all our products, some of these products have additional discounts which, however, are visible only to registered customers.

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Icon - Low consumption vertical radiators

Site Owner | May 18th, 2020

Home automation at your service, because time is the most precious resource. In just 45 cm. overall ICON WiFi is the perfect synthesis between furniture design, technological innovation, comfort and energy saving...

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Thermal cameras for measuring body temperature

Site Owner | Apr 14th, 2020

Human body temperature meters. Widely used in airports, public places, metro and railway stations, stadiums, etc. in China, South Korea and Australia.
Various models available with different resolutions,...

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Thermo Radiant Panels

Site Owner | Nov 05th, 2019

The new range of radiant panels for industrial heating.

Ideal solution for heating rooms:
✔️ Industrial: warehouses, warehouses

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Windy Digital fan heater

Site Owner | Nov 05th, 2019

Design wall-mounted hot-water heater. Digital technology to quickly heat your bathroom with the smallest footprint

Compact, silent and smart: with a thickness of only 11.2 cm and an ultra-flat design,...

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Touch Digital fan heater

Site Owner | Nov 05th, 2019

Elegance and technology to heat your bathroom with minimum space.

Safe, quiet and smart: with a thickness of only 11 cm and an ultra-flat design, the TOUCH digital fan heater - and in the version with...

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DEVA Radiator Digital Towel Warmer in glass

Site Owner | Oct 29th, 2019

Essential lines, rounded contours, thin profile. The purity of glass, a natural material that accumulates heat and gently restores it, furnishing your bathroom with elegance.

The research of Radialight...

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SIRIO convector heater

Site Owner | Oct 25th, 2019

Modern design and technology for rapid and programmable warmth.

The new range of SIRIO natural convectors by Radialight offers a simple, economical and technologically advanced solution for home...

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Your OASIS of heat

Site Owner | Oct 21th, 2019

Don't give up on living your spaces because of the winter cold.

With the arrival of the cold...

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Video surveillance

Site Owner | Sep 07th, 2019

Sometimes even for the sole purpose of deterrence, video surveillance systems are increasingly present in the area regardless of whether they are installed in companies or private homes.
The purpose is clear: to increase the perception of personal security even consciously...

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POS in the store ... this stranger

Site Owner | Mar 20th, 2019

Although the current legislation provides for an obligation on the part of the merchant to offer payment methods also with the possibility of payment by card (debit / credit), or through a Point of Sale more commonly known as POS, the absence of...

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Professional fog machines

Site Owner | Mar 06th, 2019

Increasingly more or less economic fog machines are spreading, thus expanding the choice of customers.
However, you should carefully evaluate the purchase of this product as it must ensure the safety of your most valuable items.

Often the media inform us about the burglaries of the...

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Electric heating: choice of comfort, savings and security

Site Owner | Dec 01th, 2018

Over the years, technological innovation has allowed the development of new products that, with the reduction of consumption, guarantee excellent heating and therefore high comfort.

We have thus moved from the energy-saving electric heaters of the 80s, which, in...

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