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HIDROTEK reverse osmosis membrane 3012-400


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The reverse osmosis membrane is considered the heart of a reverse osmosis system as it separates the harmful substances present in the water, sending them away through a waste, from the good water that is instead sent to the tap, ready to be used.

The 400GPD Hidrotek model 3012 reverse osmosis membranes are ideal for domestic reverse osmosis water purifiers with direct production, and for professional systems, bars and restaurants.

It is 400 gallons, which means it could produce over 1600 liters of purified water daily.

- How do reverse osmosis membranes work?

The osmotic membranes work on the principle of separating the incoming water in osmotic water - permeate - and rejection - waste -, their operation is influenced by many factors, temperature and pressure in the first place. The parent company indicates the performance standard with temperature at 25 ° C and 4 bar pressure. When indicated in the technical specifications, do not exceed max 7.5 bar, if the pressure exceeds it increases the permeate but drastically reduces its lifespan

- When is it necessary to replace a reverse osmosis membrane?

The membrane in osmosis systems must be replaced according to the volume of water treated and the quality of the incoming water. There are two signs that indicate the need to replace the osmsotic membranes: The reduction of the permeate, ie the quantity of water produced and the quality of the permeate (ie the osmostised water). The first parameter can be easily found visually, while for the second it is necessary to have measuring instruments which can be litmus papers or a conductivity meter.

- How to replace a reverse osmosis membrane

1. Shut off the water entering the osmosis system (using a special derivation valve which is mounted near the water outlet on the wall) and disconnect the electricity.

2. Close the storage ball valve, if present.

3. Open the purified water supply tap to eliminate any water present in the piping and the pressure from the system.

4. Identify the vessel (s) containing the reverse osmosis membrane by unscrewing the cap

5. Using parrot pliers, extract the old membrane by gripping the plastic tang of the same.

6. Extract the new membrane from its wrapping being careful to touch it only by the plastic part to avoid bacterial contamination.

7. Grease with Vaseline or food-grade silicone grease, the black gasket that acts as a collar and the o-rings at the end

8. Insert the new membrane into the vessel container and screw the cap back on.

9. Re-open the water inlet valve to the system and re-connect the power socket (leave the storage valve closed, if present)

10. Rinse the membrane by leaving the dispensing tap open for at least 20-30 min

11. Reopen the valve on the storage tank and ... you can use the system normally!


Application: Drinking water, Osmosis with accumulation or direct production

Body material: Polyamide Thin-Film Composite


Diameter: 76MM (3 ")

Inner diameter: 17MM (0.67 ")

Length: 298MM (11.7 ")


Optimal flow rate: 1600 liters per day - 400 GPD Gallon Per Day (4 bar 25 ° C)

Min-max temperature: 5 - 45 ° C

Min-max pressure: 3 - 20 bar

Average rejection (%): 97%

NaCl (ppm): 250 ppm

Ph range: 3 - 10

Recovery: 15%


Approvals: DM 174-2004 compliant

Certifications: NSF 42

Check compatibility of the product before purchase.

Note: Being a food grade product, it will arrive sealed in a clear vacuum bag. It is possible to check the dimensions of the connections without having to unpack the filter. If you have purchased the membrane with the wrong measurements, it is essential not to tear the bag. Otherwise we will NOT be able to proceed with the replacement or return. Any shipping costs for the return of the product purchased by mistake will still be at your expense.

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