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Infrared Sauna 2 people CG

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infrared sauna for 2 persons

Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 190 cm
- 2 wooden deck chairs
- 8 carbon radiating plates
- 2 ceramic infrared radiators
- Radio CD player
- Ionizer for Perfumetherapy
- Color Therapy 7 color
- Temperature: 18 to 65 ° C
- Power: 2740 W
- Wood: Hemlock


7 digital color therapy system (optional)
Through a control panel in the sauna radiate 7 different colors as well as having a relaxing effect, promote physical well-being.

Colour therapy is an integrative medicine that uses colors to help the body and psyche to restore their normal balance. It does not cure the symptoms, but it comes down to the roots of the imbalance and leaves, as some medications, harmful residues that the body must painstakingly delete.
Through the different colors it makes that the "vibration" may penetrate into the body at various depths causing biochemical changes in the cells. The colored radiations act on our emotional states, the progress of our state of mind and our body promoting physical well-being.



Benefits of infrared sauna


Expels toxins - detoxifies. Toxins such as sodium, alcohol, nicotine, carcinogenic heavy metals (cadmium, lead, zinc, nickel) and mercury accumulate in our bodies every day. Heat therapy through the infrared stimulates the sweat glands that cleanse and detoxify the skin.
Reduces stress - Heat therapy through the infrared, it reduces muscle tension and relaxes the body prior to a massage. Many massage therapists for example using infrared to increase even more the effects of massage.
Benefits for your skin - Infrared improve circulation, expel harmful chemicals and dead cells from the skin surface. All these benefits give the skin firmness and better color. Reduce wrinkles caused by aging.
Weight Control - Sweating is part of the process of thermoregulation of the body complex that increases the heart rate and metabolism. This process requires a large amount of energy, reduces excess moisture, salt and subcutaneous fat. The fat becomes soluble in water at 42 ° C. When the body sweats expels fat and toxins.
Relieves pain - Infrared heat relieves pain by expanding blood vessels and increasing circulation. Better circulation brings more oxygen to the painful areas of the body and reducing the discomfort, shortens the healing time. Many people use the infrared warmth to successfully treat problems like arthritis, muscle spasms and rheumatism.
It provides the same effects of exercise - By undergoing a 20 or 30 minute infrared sauna the body is stimulated, and sweat as if he had run for 10 km. These infrared saunas are ideal for those who have no time to do regular physical exercises or may not undergo excessive strain.
It improves the immune system - In case of fever the body heats up to eliminate viruses and attacks strangers agents. Next, the body can more easily expel invading organisms because the immune system is constantly activated by this "artificial fever". Recent studies have shown that the effects of colds, fever and flu-like states can be reduced dramatically if treated promptly with heat therapy through the infrared.

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