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Vertical Radiator Dual Therm Deko Radialight 1000W PRDEK01

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Deko wall radiant panels


Its vertical shape, a pure and elegant lines will captivate you immediately. The large heating surface, ultra-flat, satin-like polished stone and without controls makes Deko a furnishing item and not a simple heating unit. The DEKO evokes the latest trends in interior design: the product has a thickness of only 6 cm and is therefore much thinner and flatter than any electrical or water radiator. Once installed, the product from the wall space is reduced to only 9 cm. Its dimensions are characterized by a perfect proportion between vertical and horizontal development.
With only 43 cm. DEKO width is easy to install and fit in with your furniture, discreetly and elegantly. DEKO is not just a product with a sophisticated design, is primarily modern technology at your service. DUAL THERM technology enclosed within DEKO integrates two different heating systems into a single product
The combination of 2 heating systems allows to heat the room in a very short time, and ensuring a uniform and constant heat, creating a pleasant feeling enveloping and avoiding any annoying current or air circulation. This also to prevent continuous adjustment of the thermostat that cause excessive consumption of energy.
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Technical data

Perfect for rooms and bathrooms up to approx. 15 m² (variable depending on the region and the isolation of the thermal environment in which it is placed)
Power 230 V / 50 Hz: 1000 W
Intelligent electronic control
5 operation modes
Programmable remote control
Dimensions in cm: 120 x 43 x 6 (9 cm. In total from the wall fitting after installation)

DEKO is in double electrical insulation and does not require a connection with ground. It also has a special level of protection against moisture, called IP 24. This allows installation without any risks even in places and damp rooms such as bathrooms.
Heating Technologies DUAL THERM technology enclosed within DEKO integrates two different heating systems into a single package: - a radiation heater which provides a sweet and steady warmth that will wrap evenly, as the sun's rays - a powerful aluminum heat source, the special ultra-flat shape, which ensures an immediate response when your environment requires a fast and efficient heating
The two complementary systems work in a smart way, regulated by very sophisticated electronics that it modulates the intensity to guarantee: - you want a fast reach room temperature - a perfect maintenance of comfort over time and a uniform temperature without annoying overhangs - intelligent use of energy, avoiding unnecessary consumption
electronic control
The electronic control is located on the right side of the device and incorporates the following functions:
- ON / OFF button
- High precision electronic thermostat for controlling the temperature from a minimum of 10 ° C to a maximum of 30 ° C
- Selector 5 operating modes:
1. ON / OFF The appliance is on stand-by. The heating elements are switched off
2.COMFORT The product maintains the temperature set by the thermostat
3. ECO DEKOs in this mode maintains a temperature of 3.5 ° C lower than that set on the thermostat
4.ANTIGELO The room temperature does not drop below 7 ° C
5.PROGRAM function that allows adjustment through WEEKLY PROGRAMMING, available only through the Zefiro infrared remote control (accessory)

The heating of the programming allows to optimize energy consumption. The DEKO operation can be programmed on a weekly basis, using laptop ZEFIRO programmer time trial, supplied as an optional accessory.

The same time trial programmer allows you to program all the radiators Radialight DEKO (but also PLANO and STYLO) installed in your home up to a theoretically unlimited.

For each individual radiator can be defined a specific operating profile that defines for each individual day of the week and for each hour of the day, the ambient temperature must be guaranteed.

In the time trial programmer you can store up to 2 different operating programs (typically a program for the living area and one for the bedroom) and two different ambient temperatures (typically a defined temperature COMFORT and a power-saving ECO defined).


Data sheet

  • Height:
  • 120 cm
  • Width:
  • 43 cm
  • Depth:
  • 6 cm
  • Weight:
  • 16.4 kg
  • absorbed power:
  • 1000 W

Specific References

New product


| 11/25/2020

Ne ho comprati 3 qualche anno fa ma adesso che è sceso ulteriormente il prezzo, non ho resistito e ne ho acquistato un quarto per collocarlo in mansarda. Prodotto di qualità


    | 11/16/2019

    Ottimo prodotto. Acquistato insieme all'accessorio telecomando. Calore molto intenso e piacevole. Prezzo assolutamente consigliato. Spedizione molto rapida e omaggio!

      Bel design

      | 05/11/2019

      Ottimo prodotto. Perfetto sia esteticamente che nel funzionamento. Il prezzo è molto interessante

        tutto ok

        | 03/18/2019

        prodotto di qualità


          | 03/06/2019

          consigliato. Bello da vedere e capace di riscaldare velocemente


            | 02/19/2019

            ottimo prodotto


              | 02/09/2019

              Tutta un'altra cosa rispetto alle cineserie che si trovano nei vari centri commerciali. Solido e bello al tatto, arreda la parete in cui si installa e riscalda efficacemente. Peccato sia solo questo modello


                | 01/22/2019

                Ottimo prodotto, bello al tatto e da guardare. Riscalda abbastanza velocemente.


                  | 09/12/2018

                  Gradevole al tatto ed alla vista. Sono soddisfatto dell'acquisto e provvederò a comprarlo anche per altri ambienti.

                    Bello ed efficace

                    | 07/08/2018

                    Come da descrizione. Sono stata indotta alla scelta anche dagli ingombri ed ho dovuto optare per una soluzione verticale. Bella estetica, piacevole al tatto il materiale ed ancor più il calore emesso. Ottimo anche il servizio di spedizione oltretutto in omaggio ad un prezzo di acquisto sbalorditivo! Consigliato!

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