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Compact digital dehumidifier 20LT

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Super compact dehumidifier

Product Name:

Dehumidifier by Trotec

Dehumidification capacity:

20LT / day (35 ° C - 80% RH)

Tank capacity:

Maximum 4LT

Maximum noise:






Sizes in centimeters:

width 26,2 x depth 34,3 x height 52,5



- Withdraw up to 20 liters of moisture per day (35 ° C, 80% R.H.);

- You can adjust the level of 20 to 80% humidity desired with an additional function in automatic mode: It rule alone, in a smart way, the right level of humidity without you even do mind;

- It 's very quiet because the drying speed can be set to 3 levels;

- Is safe and off automatically in case of complete filling of the tank and it is especially noted;

- Is environmentally friendly, because it uses environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a

- The moisture collecting tank is easy to remove and empty, with also the possibility of an automatic water discharge command;

- The digital technology electronic controls with LED displays are easy to use;

- The air filter easy to disassemble and clean the product and protects your environment from contaminants;

- The length of operation may be timed from 1 to 24 hours;

- Is very practical and equipped with practical wheels to move it easily without lifting.

Dehumidifier and health
Although often underestimated, the humidity level inside the house is a fundamental element for health: structural problems and common habits such as not ventilating the rooms of the house sufficiently or spreading laundry inside, bring problems of this kind to amplify and become real risks to the well-being of those who live there.

Wet environments, in fact, weaken our body in different ways: they amplify the perception of heat and cold, leading us to have the chills of winter and feel oppressed by a hot sticky summer, and are the ideal places for development and the reproduction of molds that, besides being unsightly, can cause serious respiratory infections, asthma and allergies, especially in weak subjects such as children and the elderly.

Homes with this type of problems become fertile ground for bacterial proliferation, which causes bad hygiene, a general feeling of discomfort and, often, even unpleasant smells.

How to understand if your home falls into this category?

There are several signs that unequivocally indicate a problem of this type:

Condensation on window panes
Persistent unpleasant smells
Presence of mold
Feeling that there is no air

In this case, the problem can be solved quickly and easily by installing a dehumidifier, an instrument that can significantly reduce the percentage of indoor humidity.
Through it, the air is purified by means of a specific refrigerant circuit, able to collect the excess water present in it and collect it in a tank.

Using it is not complicated: you can choose between manual start and automatic modulation by the dehumidifier itself.
In the latter case, it will operate alone when the humidity present will rise above the recommended threshold and the only thing to do will be to check the tank every now and then empty it if necessary.

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