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3 in 1 21sqm air cooler

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The air cooler uses a natural method of evaporative cooling (honeycomb technology) and offers a convenient solution to cool the rooms on hot days. The cold computers will appreciate its low power consumption of only 55 watts. Unlike traditional air conditioners, it does not need refrigerant gas or chemical components that can pollute the environment.

All that is needed to cool the environment is cold water, which must be placed in the 4 liter capacity container. There will be no need for installations that even include holes in the wall or window glass for a drain pipe, as with air conditioners. The honeycomb-based evaporation filter humidifies the displaced air and then releases it as a fresh stream of air. To increase the cooling capacity, just insert ice cubes or eutectic plates instead of ice.

Fresh without borders

Cooling for indoor and outdoor environments

It knows no limits of environment. In the office or at home, on the balcony or on the patio: In an evaporative cooler, it guarantees almost everywhere a beneficial fresh and even in the desired quantity. With an air flow rate of 300 mc / h, it is suitable for indoor use up to 64 mc.

Located next to the desk, the air freshener emits fresh air just below the edge of the desk. In this way the sheets do not flutter. And more without unnecessary waste of money. This is what the programmable timer for automatic shut-off takes care of, for example after closing the office. The oscillation activated as desired distributes cold air evenly in the environment. In the bedroom, the silent operation in the night mode, instead allows you to create a light and pleasant breeze that promotes a regenerating sleep. For use in the children's room the appliance has a security lock, which by blocking the control panel prevents unauthorized modification of the settings. But even sunbathing relaxed outdoors is now even more pleasant thanks to the natural wind mode. The adjustable fan on three levels produces a natural breeze with alternating oscillation, a bit like on the beach when there is a cool wind.

"Is it better to buy an interior or exterior cooler?" With this small model, you do not have to compromise. Thanks to the wheel lock, the stable handle and the small size, it can be easily transported and easily positioned in different environments.

Fresh & clean

Better air for greater well-being

It purifies the air, refreshes and humidifies. In addition to the cooling function, the integrated air filter removes dust and animal hair from the air. Thus allergic and sensitive individuals can benefit from it all year round.

It contributes to creating a better ambient climate even in the cold season. When the heating is on, the air immediately becomes dry. This can cause irritation of the respiratory tract and compromise our well-being. The use as an air humidifier without cooling function is therefore the ideal solution to have the right degree of humidity in the environment.

Practical benefits:

3 in 1 air cooler: air cooling, ventilation and air cooling
Efficient evaporative cooling with honeycomb technology
Possibility of operation with eutectic plates or ice cubes to increase the cooling capacity.
Natural wind mode
Improvement of the ambient climate
Adjustable airflow direction and automatic lamella swing
3 levels of ventilation
Timer function
Night mode
High energy efficiency
Child safety
Infrared remote control
Easy to transport thanks to stable wheels
Wheels with locking device for a secure position
Practical cable reel
Suitable for operation throughout the year In summer air cooler, in winter humidifier

Technical data:

Maximum air flow: 300 mc / h
Air flow speed: 5.0 m / s
Ventilation levels: 3
Maximum evaporation capacity: 0.75 l / h
Medium for cooling: water
Water container: 4 liters
Voltage: 220 - 240V / 50 Hz
Power consumption: 55 W
Power supply socket: CEE 7/16
Cable length: 1.8 m
Dimensions: 270 x 250 x 720 mm
Weight: 7 kg


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