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Master Plug GSM

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The GSM plug Radialight can remotely control the ignition of the radiators installed in the house, and monitor the ambient temperature. You will only need a GSM SIM card to be placed within the product and the plug will be ready to receive your commands via call, SMS or APP (Android and iPhone).

The plug out or switch on your radiators remotely, can be programmed for timed ignition, and inoltrecomunicherà with secondary spines, connected to the other radiators, which will light up or go off on your own. Moreover, thanks to an internal sensor, you'll be able to monitor the ambient temperature of the house at any time.

The plug Main Master is able to control up to 7 different SLAVE secondary plugs installed in your apartment.

Main characteristics:

freeze alarm
GSM tri-band 900/1800/1900
Measurement of the temperature in the room
Up to 30m distance between units
Operating and presence GSM network
On / off button manual
emergency power supply inputs
Control up to 7 auxiliary sockets

Turn off the phone your heating system with GSM PLUGS by Radialight®


Connect your radiators to Radialight GSM thorns and enter the fascinating world of home automation. Using your phone or regular phone line, potraiaccendere or off the remote heating system and independently from each other, know the operation status, the room temperature measured in the room or preset a start-up time!

The plugs communicate with each other via radio, so each radiator can be controlled individually.

Holiday house little used because of the harsh winter temperatures? No one can turn on the heater for you to find the house already heated at the time of your arrival over the weekend? Or, when the house starts to heat it is already time to start again?

New APP for the ignition of the remote heating RADIALIGHT

From now on, turn on the remote heating system of your house is even easier, thanks to new official APP for smartphones or tablet for control of GSM PLUGS RADIALIGHT.

All this is made easier to control the GSM PLUGS RADIALIGHT remotely.

The application has a graphic interface with buttons and icons for the various functions of the GSM system. Simply tap the buttons and the application will automatically send commands.

You will receive an confirmation notice when your heating will be switched on. The SMS application uses for communication with the GSM unit.

Think of the convenience, comfort and savings you can achieve by using the APP for control of GSM PLUGS RADIALIGHT for your vacation homes. Arrive and find your already heated and comfortable, without having to wait in the cold; just decide to turn on the heat with a few hours in advance.

The application for the control of GSM PLUGS RADIALIGHT is available for both Android smartphones, both IPHONE.


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