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Slave Plug GSM

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Secondary outlet to be associated to the GSM MASTER socket to extend the remote control to more products (up to a maximum of 7).
It works up to a distance based dall''unità 30m.
Warning: It 'must have the GSM MASTER for the accessory operation.
Electrical characteristics:

     Voltage: 230V
     Maximum Current: 16A
     Radio frequency: 2.4GHz
     Temperature range -20 ° C + 40 ° C

From now on, turn on the remote heating system of your house is even easier, thanks to new official APP for smartphones or tablet for control of GSM PLUGS RADIALIGHT.

All this is made easier to control the GSM PLUGS RADIALIGHT remotely.

The application has a graphic interface with buttons and icons for the various functions of the GSM system. Simply tap the buttons and the application will automatically send commands.

You will receive an confirmation notice when your heating will be switched on. The SMS application uses for communication with the GSM unit.

Think of the convenience, comfort and savings you can achieve by using the APP for control of GSM PLUGS RADIALIGHT for your vacation homes. Arrive and find your already heated and comfortable, without having to wait in the cold; just decide to turn on the heat with a few hours in advance.

The application for the control of GSM PLUGS RADIALIGHT is available for both Android smartphones, both IPHONE.


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