Built-in electronic humidity detector

Built-in electronic humidity detector


Electronic humidity detector for VMC Quantum Aerauliqa unit that automatically activates / deactivates the load when the U.R. (Relative Humidity) is higher / lower than the set threshold.

Provided with a graduated front knob to adjust the intervention threshold between 50% and 90% U.R.

Integrated timer for the switch-off delay of the connected fan unit, adjustable from 1 to 25 minutes via a side rotary potentiometer.

Bright yellow LED that identifies two situations:
- on steady when the ambient humidity is higher than the set one
- flashing with relay activated but humidity below the threshold (timing in progress)

Degree of protection: IP40
230V ~ 50-60 Hz Maximum load 2A
Operating ambient temperature: from 0 ° C to + 35 ° C
Maximum relative humidity: 95% at 35 ° C
Available in version for wall or recessed 2-module installation
Kit for recessed installation with 3 modules (503) on request.

Attention, buying this product, in case of orders of less than € 300, € 15 will be added for logistics surcharge

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