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Outdoor siren with flashing LED

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Product description

The wireless outdoor siren is an electronic device that generates a strong visible and audible signaling at a distance. The sound emitted 105dB is easily distinguishable from other alarms for particular typical sound emission alternation of this device. La Sirena is also equipped with protection against tampering and opening the package.

The internal battery guarantees operation for more than 72 hours of stand-by if were to come to less utility power.

More sirens can be connected to the same control panel as well as multiple control panels can be connected to the same siren.

The HD-L280 wireless siren can operate in two different operating modes:

1. Siren mode: in combination with the alarm system IDATA HDG005-AF and AF-IDATA HDG555. Triggering the siren sounds and flashes to the minutes preset period of emergency (1 to 10 minutes). To end the state of emergency must deactivate the alarm system. Each control panel can control as many sirens are unnecessary.

2. Control Panel Mode: in direct combination with all compatible sensors to the same control panels. The siren operates like a control panel, is activated with the remote control (AF-IDATA HDRC80) and is controlled directly by the various sensors paired to it. To every siren you can be matched up to 40 between remote controls and sensors. This mode turns out to be suitable for the protection of small areas that do not require telephone communications.


• Product Name: Wireless Outdoor Siren with strobe light HD-L280

• Power supply:

Battery: 1 x 3.7V / 1200mA Lithium Rechargeable

Power supply: 110-240V AC 50Hz direct drive / 12V DC 500 mA

• Consumption siren off: <14 mA

• active siren consumption: <350 mA

• Maximum number of connections: between 40 sensors and remote controls.

• Transmission distance: ≤ 80 m (open area)

• Transmission Radio Frequency: 433MHz (± 75KHz)

• Sound Power: 105 dB

• Panel material: PC + UV-blocking, ABS plastic

• Class of protection: IP54

• Operating Conditions:

- Temperature: -10ºC ~ + 55ºC

- Humidity: ≤ 80% (non-condensing)

• Dimensions (W x H x D): 245.2 x 227.5 x 72.4 mm





The package includes

• Siren Wireless Model: HD-L280

• Internal Battery

• Power supply

• Fixing screws and leveling bubble

• Installation Guide

• Installation manual

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