POS in the store ... this stranger

POS in the store ... this stranger

Although the current legislation provides for an obligation on the part of the merchant to offer payment methods also with the possibility of payment by card (debit / credit), or through a Point of Sale more commonly known as POS, the absence of economic sanctions , in fact, allows traders not to comply with the legislation.
In fact, my colleagues often do not allow the possibility of paying "by card" forcing customers to pay cash or - worse - making them desist from the purchase.

The cost of the fees and interest that the main credit institutions apply to merchants that require a POS to their bank, are effectively medium-high and, in the absence of important numbers relating to this payment method, discourage the category from installing the POS.

However, for some years now there have been solutions on the market that allow you to obtain a POS at your point of sale without paying any monthly fee. In fact, you will only pay percentages every time you use it.

From today there are no more excuses to offer customers an extra service, without it being too burdensome for us merchants.

The Service we offer is the one offered by SUMUP. This provides a percentage of 1.95% and allows you to receive the credit of the transaction directly on your company current account (about 2 working days).
The registration to the service takes place entirely online and no subscription costs.

You also accept debit cards, credit cards, apple pay cards, google pay cards.

Use this link to join the service and get your POS at the best price!