Professional fog machines

Professional fog machines

Increasingly more or less economic fog machines are spreading, thus expanding the choice of customers.
However, you should carefully evaluate the purchase of this product as it must ensure the safety of your most valuable items.

Often the media inform us about the burglaries of the shop window, sometimes with the help of a car used as a ram, and during the intervention time of the police, from the moment of the split and then the start of alarm, they fill with big bags with everything they can take quickly, taking care to take possession of the most precious items. So even in 1 minute they manage to escape before the law enforcement arrives.

The professional fog lamp was created to guarantee further safety in the time lapse of the police forces. In fact it will be difficult or even impossible for the thief to orient himself in the thick fog released quickly from the mist that will saturate the environment making it impossible to view and, therefore, the choice of products to steal.
All this will allow the thief two choices: waste more time risking to be joined by the police or give up the theft leaving only the damage of the window.

Ensure your safety with the best products on the market.
Italian manufacture, 2-year warranty, complete assistance in pre- and post-sales.

Ask us for information and protect your most precious items from today, because you can not steal what you do not see!