This year refreshed with OMNI

This year refreshed with OMNI

And with summer, the inevitable summer heat to keep us company.

If you want to refresh your rooms without using more or less ecological gases and with effectively parsimonious tools in electricity consumption, you too adopt one of our coolers.
This year we have the new OMNI, a useful device in all seasons thanks to the 4 built-in functions and a very competitive price!

All in comfort you need in a single product
Evaporative cooler and fan: Water and ice are enough to maintain a cooling effect for up to 8 hours with a power consumption of only 50W!
Fan heater: to continue using it in winter, perhaps on the coldest days or in areas without other heating sources. (Electric consumption in heating 2000W).

Reduced noise emission equal to about 55dB, large water tank (2 liters), fan speed equal to 5 meters per second to guarantee an air flow of about 300 cubic meters per hour.

convenient remote control included,
touch panel easy to use,
timed function from 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours,
3 speeds for 3 ventilation modes,
ECO function (22 ° C 28 ° C) in fan heater mode,
automatic 90 ° oscillation
opaque white color with a sophisticated design that makes it both stable and transportable (measures 274 x 274 x 850 mm - weight 6.5 kg)

Find OMNI here